Instagress Shut down


I mean the overall mindset in this age is to use an instant 2 button solution with no variables, options or control and you pay a premium for it. Just set it and forget it approach, thanks to the iOS app landscape.

Can’t say that it’s a bad thing, but for certain functions and tools, it’s definitely better to not be that way. If they choose to complain about difficulty of use, and stick with something that runs from a mobile device, then more power to them. I think the learning curve is what makes this a better tool in all regards.

Though I can’t speak to the success of use, because that comes down to the person using it, and so far after a year or so, I’m not good at being that person.


:joy: yeah, saw that as well, it’s funny indeed, they might be undercover FL promoters or have no idea what they’re talking about :smiley:


If FL was #1 on the list I’d say that was probably true.

Also, man, there’s a lot of conspiracy theory stuff going around now

On second thought, if they did actually shadowban all Instagress users… that would be insanity.


I guess we can rest easy for now, initially thought massive people will flock here, but turns out there are a bunch of replacements.

Old news, but relevant

Guess we know who’s next on the list.


The primary person looking for an Instagram related anything would look on the app store first, so yeah ‘Insta’ and ‘Gram’ got hit hard on the app store.

Now comes the web-based wave lmfao.


UGH, it’s just people blaming shit because their Instagram sucks.


Oh I know it, that’s all I do all day :joy:

crying into beer



Literally me every night.


This is only half of the message they sent out… they are saying they are fighting with legal issues related to the name “Insta” as facebook protected it. However, they also say they will get a new name to avoid law suits and be back again,…


Instagress comes back under a new name…let’s say this happens. They will never be as big. People have a bitter taste now of the ordeal. Another thing that can happen is Instagram reverse engineers signature of intragress and it’s proxies…massive bans left and right. Just my 2 cents worth


Would you mind posting the message here?


My instagress account is still running. Will it run until my subscription runs out?


All of mine are running too.
I was even able to buy extra time.
So something is going on, they might be working on a way back.
Fingers crossed.


Mine were running too for a while. I just unfollowed the rest of the accounts it could and transferred over the accounts to MP.


couldnt be more happier to see instagress go more clients for everyone else haha


And you are asking that on a massplanner forum…

Am i a complete idiot or is this a joke?


:pray: I couldn’t agree more, :bird:flock back from where you have came :pray:

I cant even handle this rn :joy:


the dawn of a new age…more profits for us all. lets all just take a moment of silence for all the poor lambs that went to the slaughter (instagress)