Instane Spintax Variation Count lol

So, after tinkering with my spintax set for IG comments, I reached an absolutely ridiculous amount of variations :stuck_out_tongue: According to, I reached:

one undecillion, five hundred sixty-eight decillion, five hundred twenty nonillion, three hundred fifty-six octillion, nine hundred forty septillion, nine hundred seventy-one sextillion, five hundred quintillion variations lol.

How high have some of you gotten with your spintax sets?

EDIT: This is one modular spintax set that can generate many different types of comments based on the probability of the individual modules.

EDIT 2: With a minor alteration, I just got to ten undecillion, two hundred eighty-four decillion, six hundred ninety-three nonillion, seven hundred forty-one octillion, four hundred sixty-five septillion, three hundred fifty-four sextillion variations lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT 3: That’s 1.0284693741465354e+37 variations, for those who prefer it written that way.



lol :stuck_out_tongue: I’m definitely not going to be banned for repetitive comments

Did anyone read that number completely? I didn’t :smiley: you could put anything in there and it would go unnoticed :smile:

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lol I just included the scientific notation for the second number, but you really only need to read the first number or two out to get an idea of how insane the variation count is :stuck_out_tongue:

@florin22xxl :joy::joy::joy: Good one.

@Patrick.P I wonder how the F(acts) that website was able to calculate that high number of variations. This is just crazy.

How many comments are you doing a day now using this spintext ?

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I think not the quantity of comments really helps, but the quality of comments.
Doesn’t matter if you get 1xxxxx variations. What matters is QUALITY.

@pow I realize that–I did write a guide on it, after all. :stuck_out_tongue: I just made almost everything variable and included a rare chance of “mistakes”

All of the comments are realistic and organic. I used a module-based spintax set that assigns probabilities of certain components appearing in a comment and it has worked extremely well so far :slight_smile:

@Said I’ve been doing between 45-110, and haven’t gotten in any trouble on any of my accounts for that high a number. I just try to assign a large amount of variability, as it would be in real life :slight_smile:


Yeah like “Never loose your awsomeness”, GOD i hate that one.
Who ever you are using that comment i HATE YOU!

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Hahaha those comments are damn hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:

Send me your IG and I’ll create a spintax set of shitty comments that I’ll set MP to only most on your stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol
Let’s see how quickly you go insane.

@Patrick.P where do you get inspiration to get comments and put them on spin syntax? :slight_smile: Do you look up for comments on twitter, forums or something?

Well, I start by kind of planning out what makes a decent comment. I explained it in the guide I wrote here:

I plan out the basic modules I want, and expand from there. After that, my most useful tool is a thesaurus, followed by a slang thesaurus. I don’t like looking at other people’s stuff for inspiration because I feel it limits my end-result.

Here’s the example of how I planned out a (very) basic spintax set (taken from my guide):

Writing Modular Spintax

To write a modular spintax set, you need to consider what components (or modules) you want your comments to be made up of. A good way to do this is to write out what you consider to be a good comment. Here’s an example that would lead to a similar set to the modular spintax example above:

:ok_hand: Hey John! Great picture! :slight_smile::gem:

After deciding what kind of comment structure works for you, the next step would be to separate them into modules:

Module 1: Emoji (up to 2)
Module 2: Adjective + Noun
Module 3: Emoji (up to 2)

Then, you would create the spintax sets and set probability distributions according to your preferences.

You can either make a simple set of modules and expand from there, or you can plan out a large set of modules; up to you :slight_smile:


Don’t have access to it!

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Are you referring to: ?

If yes, you should be able to see it since you are a level 3 member.

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Now i can! Thanks alot

Its been long since 2017, and i’m landing here because of “counting how many spintax” googling search :D. You Rank 1 in SERP, great :star_struck: :ok_hand: :tada:

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