Interesting Development - Removing the following tab

Instagram is removing the following tab? This is from Mosseri’s stories.

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Excited to see it

Well another useless update

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does that mean we cant see what accounts are following who?!?!

I think so. maybe? who knows?

End of the giveaway loops :smiley: Hiding likes, hiding comments, hiding following tab, whats next? Hiding instagram itself?


Or is it the end of that following real time news tab next to activity?

I’d be happy to see these fake giveaways go away honestly. It’s just plain scamming in my opinion. It destroys the actual purpose just for some scammy growth. Genius? Maybe. Disgenuine as fuck? For sure.


so theyre just hiding the tab that lets you view who liked what. I dont think that was ever rlly important anyways besides stalking your SO lol

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Yeah I never looked at it. So bye felicia.

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If true, how are we supposed to find people other than explore? Are they really trying to kill the platform that badly? Because explore fucking blows. Nobody truly gives a shit about the same 15 mil celeb account posting photos of handbags and avocado toast face masks that shows up no matter what you follow already.


True explore looks like a shopping mall with celebs constantly showing their sponsorships and own products. They def need to fix that…


they are hiding following tab where you can see latest actevities for the users you following it has nothing to do with giveaways !


Ohh, I thought the main following tab. Thanks for info


One of the benefits of big accounts liking your pics gone :eyes: People used to find profiles that way, even if on a small scale.

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I actually appreciate this. I always felt annoyed by that feature. Its such an invasion of privacy.


I agree, just learned more about what they’re actually removing and why… might not be the worst thing after all, but it certainly can hurt finding good content through people you follow.

I remember saying this would eventually be the next 2 months ago. Now here we go. What they did to facebook is yet to happen with IG.
Useless imo.

This is a blow to exposure out of getting big accounts engaging with your posts.
Kills most of the “benefits” from powerlikes, engagement groups, etc.

It’s clear that IG is trying to limit these growth hacks as much as possible.

The tab itself was mostly useless, unless you’re aggressively stalking someone, which is creepy.

I just wish they finally gave comments a tab of their own, because for big pages it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with them, burried under all the like notifications…


It has begun :man_shrugging:t2: