Introduction - Managing 2000 + Clients Accounts

Hi all,

was reading a lot here, so no its Payback to give some Help back!

I’m Erik from Germany - after 4 years working as a Manager at Tesla it was time for me to move on. During a long travel Trip the idea to start a social media agency came up as a side business. Shortly after launching it showed clearly that this won’t by only a side business :smiley:

In 1 Year doing this on a big scale we grew from 0 to over 2000 monthly clients with in total managed already over 8k Client Profiles. And even in the situation right now 95% of the profiles are running fine!

one Website for selling only online and one website for direct offline sales ( higher pricing)

if you need help with Proxies, Jarvee or gaining Customer online ( FB ads, Google ads, affiliate ) or offline - feel free to ask me!


Are you getting blocks now =)

Interesting that 95% of account are running fine but it’s coherent to my situation. I manage mainly german clients as well and no hard blocks and only 5% temp blocks.

What is your number one acquisition method?

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not much we do have a few customers that are hard blocked - but super less, if they are blocked it is only a soft blocks which can be handled easily

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have you ever heard of Steve Jobs awesome webinar or Elon Musk superb Sales Funnel? Rather no cause in my opinion keeping it simple an easy managable / scalable is the key.

Company Nr 1. great Google Ads with a fitting retargeting via FB Ads and a website that is optimized on Converting ( average 4% of site vistors are buying directly)

Comany Nr.2 Focus on companies - with well structured cold approach - here you can charge a lot more the price tag is 4 times higher than in Company Nr.1 We do got already BIG Companies with over 80 Instagram Accounts out there in a single deal.

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Interesting. Are you not worried about Instagram shutting down your business?

Do you only offer growth or full-service management as well?

“Interesting. Are you not worried about Instagram shutting down your business?”

Funnily i do even have a call once a month with a dedicated Ads Manager directly from FB.

“Do you only offer growth or full-service management as well?”

Mainly “only” growth service, in my eyes it works way better for the company if its a truely “natural” content directly from them. We do have a package which includes an online course how do make “awesome” company IG content. But we do have some customers (high price tag) for which we are doing everything - even Website, offline grafics etc.


Welcome to the forum, Erik!

I am curious about what the expectations are like in Germany. What kind of growth or goals do your clients expect over there on a monthly basis?

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What is your average rate for corporations?

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Do you have a solution to the recent blocks? How do you manage to avoid them and maintain growth for your clients?

sorry didn’t got it :smiley: what do you mean the average price tag for business clients?

i mean, how much do you charge your clients on average. :slight_smile:

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can you be a bit more specific? There are soooo many difderenent types of blocks out there and every needs to be handelt differently :wink:

which proxies are you using?
thank you

Welcome mate, nice to have you here.

I would like to know more about how you advertise to new clients online?

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Dj Khaled - Another One


How many employees do you have?

Isn’t Instagram Automation “unlauterer Wettbewerb” (eng: a law in germany)?
How do you handle bans?

What contracts do you have? And what did the setup with laywers cost?

On what legal basis? As long as you are honest with the client on what your offer, it isn’t a problem as far as i’m concerned.

I’m curios on this also how do you deal with 6000/200 new insta limit.

How do you get your clients? Google Ads -> Fb Ads -> Website -> Close?