Investment suggestion

Hey guys! The thing is: I want to invest my money… So… I was thinking… Bitcoin maybe? Or… I also was thinking of buying an apartment and rent it… Or… Put the money on a bank to collect interest every month… And that’s it, I’m out of ideas.

Is anyone investing money right now? What’s your current strategy? I would really appreciate some suggestions :slight_smile:

As an ex-investment manager please do anything but Bitcoin.



Invest in stuff related to your expertise. Go for longterm stuff ofcourse. More ecom? Working with me on POD? :wink:

@HenryCooper said some simple but very true stuff to me:

’‘Normally in IM , when you find something nice working , you scale it ad absurdum’'

And i think he is right on this.




I invested every dollar I could back into the business for awhile, then started diversifying my investments/income.

Example: Your business is solely focused on Instagram and you’re investing 5 years of income back into solely Instagram, then something happens and IG bans a ton of influencers accounts or dramatically reduces large accounts impact on the platform. You may of spent 5 years building an IG network and investing every dollar back into it, losing your assets and income.

Or spend the money diversifying your business(es)/invest in other sectors. Stock market is lit rn.


Buy BTC invest in OBN (Obsidian which is also a crypto currency) at $.60 oer coin right now going to be at $10-20 by june next year
i personally have more than $5k in this so I have my money where my mouth is.
message me if you want more info I’m not profiting off telling you this or anything to do with this

Where do you purchase your crystal balls and how do I invest in them?


Here’s how I balance my investments.
. 50% in the businesses I’m involved in, and where I work daily,
. 50% in real estate. Very reliable and simple (in the US at least). Significant yearly benefits. Easy going. Almost no risk and rarely surprises.

That gives a pretty good balance.

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You can deposit btc into it then go to exchange
Look for OBN/BTC or BTC/OBN and then fill in details ( bit cofusing at the start but just go to the bottom left and see the sell orders price then make that you price) then fill out the total amount of btc you have in the account or what you want to invest and click “Buy OBN” then there you have it
Hold for 6 months make a ton or old a few days sell make a few bucks

invest it in an apocalypse bunker


This is likely The best way to invest your money :smiley:
but nah, invest it into yourself. in one way or another. Back into your business, plastic surgery, w/e make yourself better. (i would suggest bitcoin/ethereum/dash but what does a 20 year old know about Crypto)

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do not do dash!!!

bahaha, why cause its gone up 400% in 2 months?? 200 to 800 dollars per dashcoin? Bitcoin is raising the tide and helping all boats float.

bcuz its codebase is flawed. Broken fundamentals, all speculation

monero is what u want if you are investing in secure, anonymous crypto

I have a business plan that just needs a little investment with huge returns. PM me for more info.


Well get I life. Not my business if you don’t belive me. Have nothing to prove to you.

Don’t invest in things you don’t know.


I invested in 2 things earlier this year:

  • facebook stock: +18% after costs
  • Vanguard information technology index fund: up 33%

I stay away from everything that is currency or crypto, because I’m a value investor. Even if a stock or company goes bankrupt, worst case I will still get a bit of money back.


if you want to buy crypto, buy Ether