Is Adsense still worth it in 2017?

A good way to go is to create a new youtube channel with some random gmail acc, the upload a video and follow monetizations process, this way you´ll have a new adsense account aproved instantly. Then ask for content monetization on that account and place the test ad in a blog with some traffic (it actually no matters how much as long as it complaint with adsense policies), you´ll get the content aproval soon.

I like this way cause it speeds up a little bit the whole aprobal process, and the cool thing is you can use the same blog over and over again to aprove different adsense accs.

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I got an account on same name, just different address. But I can use any address to get pin (wife works at post office) :smiley:


I´m sure federal authorities will bring justice (?)

huh? where? why? :slight_smile:

Post Office box may be also a solution but probably you meant that with pin. :smiley:
@landalas that’s also a nice method, I will try this when it will be actual.
Thank you guys.

Of course, pin. Still using bank account on my name. It’s just different bank account.

Sounds good. But why do you need multiple accounts? :slight_smile:

I don’t need now. My first one was banned so I got another :slight_smile:

But there are people who need more.

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Adsense is evergreen. it will be present as far as websites on the internet.

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