Is Adsense still worth it in 2017?

What do you guys think?

Because the AdBlockers are everywhere is adsense still a profitable idea for PPV or PPC ?

Also how much time does an AdSense aplication take?

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Of course it is. All you need is traffic, don’t worry about adblockers. Just surf the web and you’ll see how many websites have it.

My last adsense account was approved in couple of days. It was couple of weeks old domain, I had 7-8 quality articles, unique ones. Before applying for adsense I started sending traffic from Pinterest and I like to believe that helped.


Disclaimer : New to adsense.

So before applying to AdSense you need to have articles and some traffic ?

What about doing some articles and sending some bought traffic just for approval ?

Of course you need some content, you’ll get denied because of lack of content.

7-8 articles with 500 words on average will do the trick.

Traffic isn’t a must, since I got my first adsense account on website without any traffic,but I believe it helps. Google likes money too :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t go with bought traffic, better do some group sharing,post to pinterest or even FB ads (yeah paid traffic, but still from social networks).


I didn’t been denied or approved after ~2 or more weeks with no content

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You’re denied, you just don’t know it yet :smiley:

Seriously, add some content.


But if I was denied how to reapply ?

Because this is the only thing I see on the adsense dashboard

They’ve become really strict, and with all of the recent YouTube ad nonsense we can only expect it to get even harder.

I run a beer related site and they denied me because of “sales/promotion of alcohol,” except I’m talking about the people who make beer, so it’s not really close. Anyway, I’ve learned they have so many restrictions. No ads can be shown where beer is the subject matter, yet porn of all kinds have Adsense all over them? Terrorism YouTube videos are making money with ads? Makes no sense, but don’t expect it to be easy, I guess.

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But if adsense is not a the best solution, what other solutions can be to have PPV/PPC ?

I haven’t found one so I’m running my site ad free in sadness, but it doesn’t get a lot of traffic so it wouldn’t result in much anyway.

Frankly, there is nothing with the breadth of reach of adsense.

Some of the native ad networks aren’t bad - is really easy to get in to, then you have Outbrain & Taboola which require much more traffic.

Infolinks is another option, but I thought it was a little too spammy.

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Adsense still one of the best monetization method:) all what you need huge amount of traffic to make $$ , to get approved you need , a good domain name , good design ,logo , good content about 15 posts ( 2 or 3 power post ) . make sure to have a privacy policy page , and contact us page . briefly make it professional :wink: good luck !
note : traffic doesn’t matter to get the approval .

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The thing with the approval of the account is that the status stays the same after 2weeks .

The adsense account is my main company email ( using G Suite ) , I applyed with my main gmail account ( that is linked ) and got this response after 1 day !

but the company adsense account stays like, with no response

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That’s perfectly normal. Took nearly a month last time I got an account approved. The “3 days” is BS.

According to the google support forums, they’ve been backlogged for a while. It’s taking them longer than normal to process applications.

But what is with the first image

So just after 1 month I know if the account is approved or not ?

You’ll know when you get an email from them :slight_smile:

What I understand from this is you have multiple Adsense accounts. How do you do it?
My AdSense account was banned around 2007 because one of my stupid friend clicked constantly on my ads (he thought it will be good for me because i will earn more money…). Tried to contact them to restore the account but nothing happened.
A few years ago I also tried with a new Google Account but I also got banned, probably because I registered with the same details (name and post address was the same).

So how can you register more than 1 accounts? It’s against their rules and I wasn’t even able to register a new account. :smiley:

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I don’t really get it.

It says “we noticed that your account information matches a currently approved Adsense account”

It is not allowed to have more than 1 account.

I was approved many many years ago and AdSense paid me a couple of thousand euro every month for a long time. Unfortunately traffic dropped after a while, and earnings also. But if you have enough traffic Adsense is an easy way to monetize your website. I received about E 15 / 1000 pagesviews.

You need 1 good website with good content to get approved. After that you can add unlimited spam websites.

If you are banned because of fraud, and that is what happened here, you will not get another account on your name. So the solution is simple… Just choose another name. Use the address of your papa and mama. You also need a bank account with another number. Here when receiving money the name of the bank account is not checked. It is only the number which need to be different.

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At that time there wasn’t an option to choose direct deposit, I received a Citybank cheque. Also I have a different address now (but still in the same village), so it can work.
Only problem is I still use that Google account which didn’t get approved (and still have the first account which was banned from Adsense), so if I would register a new Google account I should do it from a different IP address via VPN or proxy otherwise they can easily track it belongs to me based on my older banned addresses from the same ip.
Edit: currently I don’t need this but I will start a Youtube channel when my Instagram accounts are running fine and if I remember it’s required to have an Adsense account to monetize Youtube account. So I will need this at a later time.

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