Is IG ad worth it? Manual Growth

I have a 16.5k babe account, i will monetize it for shouts.
But i want more followers and i was thinking about instagram ads, they are worth it?
Planning to make 2 ads, each with a 30.000k reach, i will get more attention (likes, followers, etc)? or it is just nonsense? it is better to pay bigger accounts to promo mine?

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Find a m/s provider. Much better solution.


Do you know some good ones?

We have a few guys in here. Good reputations. Search the forum. I have specifically mentioned their names in different threads.
Watchout for offers inbox. Alot of scam going on lately. Stick to people who have sales threads


Ads will give you impressions and likes but almost zero followers, shoutouts is about luck and choosing the right accounts to promote you, manual grow is still working fine if you know your limits and use your 4g sim card connection and your smartphone.


Check this screen shoot… Last post on this account is 8 weeks old… account has only 49 posts… but high quality unique content (female model / I am the photographer). Account had a negative growth of around 10 - 20 daily… on a few days would have a positive growth of 5 or so. Then I decided to test Instagram Ad and started an ad with US$ 2 daily budget. Now it grows about 60 followers daily… not bad for a monthly budget of US$60.


Is this an ad through facebook or IG itself? @pmphoto

I tested via Facebook Ads manager and also IG post promotion. Played a bit with audience. After about 7 days testing I decided to stick with IG post promotion using a custom audience I have configured. It is probably better to use Facebook ads manager / you get more advanced audience configuration options there… I am by no means an expert… I suggest you to test both and figure out what works best for you.


tried some ads but didnt really work in my case, with targeted audience reach might be high but didnt get followers nor likes. dont know how comes it doesnt work, maybe doing something wrong myself but I doubt so because i actually followed a guide also posted here about doing ads correctly for growth and still didnt work.
I’d recommend you to build a DM group or s4s with pages in your niche. thats free and surely best thing for reach a broader audience

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But out of personal experience the great ER you get from ads only lasts until you pay. The second you quit paying for ads, you will experience a huge drop in ER. It kind of lasts for a few week before it get’s back to “normal”. With normal I mean ER rate without the boost that ads. gives you.


yeah i totally agree, the more you spend, the more ig wants you to spend! they are a business and they need to make money somehow :wink:

Thanks everyone, keep posting. Nice to see that it works @pmphoto
Im growing 330+ daily(again) but im a human and i want more, want to end this year with a account of 1mi followers.
Why i asked about ig promo? i will start to charge for promo, but im gonna revert 30% of the money on ads, so i can get more followers and engagement, but of course i will test it by myself.

How often do you change the ad ?

You promote daily a different post or you stick with an ad longer ?

After the initial 7 days of testing, I changed the promoted post about 2 times, and I also changed the audience settings about 3 times or so.

I also stopped and deleted promotion during about 2 weeks to evaluate side effects post promotion. During those 2 weeks when I had deleted all promotion… growth and engagement was back to what I had before I started testing ads… not worse… but… this is a completely inactive account… need to keep that in mind.
In the last 12 months I probably replied no more than 10-20 comments. I never reply any DM…
Until about 18 months ago I had been using F/U… at peak I reached more than 1 K followers a day… good old times. I grow client accounts and I don’t have time to manage my own accounts nor to keep then active. There are plenty of folks here on MPSocial that could grow this test account truly fast / but it would require a great deal of time / work. But I don’t think anyone had a method that would work on an inactive account which requires 10 min a week to grow at the rate I got with those ads… with a budget of US$60 monthly. I basically forget about this account and it keeps growing fairly well for an inactive account. IGBlade engagement was about 10% before I started… it is now at 13%… not bad for a almost 100K followers account.

The op said …

This is why I decided to share this example. I suspect ads could be helpful in that particular case. Honestly… I suspect ads are useless on boring / small business accounts - which are most of my clients.


I have been experimenting with ads for growth for about a year now and I just can’t get a solid conversion with tier 1 countries. I can grow lower tier countries with ease but once I target the better countries, I get tons of likes and views with an extremely low follow back ratio.

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Could you share the target audience you used?


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It’s dead tho.

Care to share how you’re growing 330 a day? Ive got a personal brand

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Na still some solide ones out there. But not cheap though.
And just for the record and to avoid misunderstandings, I do not offer any services myself. But I see people still doing it. But pricey.

If you want M/S you can find it here, but it’s VERY EXPENSIVE folks. I don’t offer it, but I want to reiterate @Micky 's thoughts. Also, good to see a hot babe account with a professional photographer can grow with ads. Ground breaking stuff.

Not being a dick mate. Just playing around.