Is Instagram down? Instagram not working? Start here


Since when the apocalypse started / few hours ago :grin:


It’s down as far as me trying to login via the app with my regular acc, but alot of my accounts seems to be running… just going alot slower, and experiencing connection errors here and there. Asked my sister who lives in another state… she said she’s able to use both, but they’ve been acting funny all day.


Facebook servers went down. Likely not an update. Literally server issues company wide. I can still send DMs though. Can’t do much else.


I wish I was down in Hawaii :slight_smile:


this is the longest span IG down I think.


I personally know Myspace Tom through a friend (had lunch with him) and I honestly think he beat Zuckerberg in life. Tom isn’t recognized at all. Lives in anonymity with hundreds of millions of dollars. Doesn’t have to testify at congress. Doesn’t have to deal with any of this shit. He’s mellow, humble and a nice guy.


Hell is down. Can’t get any connection to IG from here. Then again, the servers in Hell only connect to Twitter, so that might be another problem.


Could it be the big messenger merge?

Though whatsapp is still working… :thinking:


yo same hahah


Keep in mind that different people have different goals. Zuck could have retired (financially) at any point in time.


Can you DM to an account you never sent a DM previously? I tested this on several accounts… all failed. Search for earthpix, for example… and try to send a message. I get “couldn’t create thread”. Here, It only works to people I had already sent DMs. This is the iPhone App message…


Sorry guys I started scaling too much, the servers didn’t hold up.



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Alex, I nominate you for reply of the day :rofl::rofl::rofl:


very interesting… :upside_down_face:


Haven’t tried. Only getting DMs from people replying to my story from last night.


Down in Spain as well, OLE, im not able even to send pictures on Whatsapp :smiley:


Images cannot be sent on WhatsApp. Something is happening.


As soon as I read that I was thinking the same.