Is Instagram down? Instagram not working? Start here


WhatsApp is integrating end to end encryption with Facebook and Instagram. The aim to have are more thorough browser experience. You will (eventually) be able to communicate cross platform. There was never a timeline for it.

That, couple with the data from alt text, the data from their VPN experiment, and the need for more data as FB bleeds billions makes me want to put on my tinfoil hat.


If isn’t a sign that social media has taken over large parts of our lives I don’t know what is…the fact that so many are tweeting about the outage, there are 50k+ reports that IG is down, etc its insane what it has come to.

Also, when you have the urge to check if its back up and greeted with the same dumb message of “oops” can’t login makes it all the more apparent that maybe I needed this little break but I am going to be pissed with new updates that they are doing right now because this is no coincidence


The problem is now that “social media” has become a business for so many people, and they (FB) want it that way so they can continue to profit off of the information its users and customers (business owners) provide them with.

When shit like this happens, it really screws with people who use it as a business, it also shows that they truly are incapable of running their own service as a proper business at the same time. But they expect so much from their users, it’s just a huge joke with massive double standards.

Privacy failure, rigging algorithms, forced integrations, end of line products that people were paying to use without any replacements, business pages being deranked for profit, ad management changes that suddenly cost you huge amounts of money, the list of stupidity goes on.

When the apocalypse truly strikes, we’ll all have some clarity.


I’ve actually been I social media for a long time. Before I was ever in IT. I ran twitters, FB, IG, MySpace.

I learned a LONG time ago that it’s jist a product and not to check it all the time except for what I need it for. It’s a tool that helps me make money.

That’s it. I’m happier for it. My wife is still into it. But she sees it differently now.

Use it for what it is, a tool.

And FYI I’m logged in, just getting “please try again” on something but not others. My wife is ironically, on FB right now. We are in Colorado.


I have been using social media for like 5-10 years now and I currently work in IT :exploding_head:



99% of my accounts got a ban!!!

More people???


This is why I stopped using social media for personal use.


It’s currently 75 degrees and sunny. Come on over!


Is this funny Dutch humor or are you pranking people? That was also supposed to be part of their “update”



You know we Dutch have no humor;)

Would be fun if could check how many people run to their computer and login to Jarvee :slight_smile:


What a great way to install fear into people


I was one of the people ready to run to my computer and check :joy:


Facebook wont even load, its just down - shit happens cant expect 100% uptime i mean fuck i honestly expect 1% downtime with something SO HUGE - nothings perfect lol


FB to the world


They be down in Vegas.

I can just imagine the tears of all the tourists unable to post their IG pics they’ve waited all year to do.

Warms my heart :wink:

Long live da Snapchatz.


Yes all my accounts got banned !11!!!1 I NEED HELP PLS


It’s a shit day outside anyways today


What proxies do you use?


Proxies??? I use my home ip only!!!