Is Instagram down? Instagram not working? Start here


I want to know what proxy he’s using :joy:


He didn’t, he just raw dogged it. Not a care in the world, he just is out there uploading hundreds of selfies with zero protection.

(for those that don’t know, the pic in question is a comedian and it was a joke.)



Its time we revive this thread lads?


yup. almost exactly a month after their worst outage ever. hmmm.


I’m starting to think that these are just times for updating there platform


It’s broken in the UK too. How do they expect me to grow a fashion empire with these outages? :wink:


global facebook/whatsapp/IG outage (again). it’s trending on twitter right now



with their new limit of 400 they are very exciting lol


in Austria IG/Fb still working



It’s 100% not global. I have no clients calling me complaining that they think their accounts are banned, and have access to both FB and IG on my phone, MP, laptop, etc. It’s a partial server outage. Looks like some of Europe and some of South East Asia. Definitely not on the level of last months outage.


I have access to my personal account in Europe, to my VPS in America but not to my Proxies in Asia :smile:


All of twitter right now is people in third world countries posting memes about facebook being down. It’s kind of strange.


They are like


Is it down for anyone else right now? Doesn’t seem to be working in Brazil right now


Im having problems sending messages right now on Spain :frowning: Anyone else?


lots of lag for me in toronto, could be my provider tho


no wonder i had issues posting on 1 acc


What would life be like without weekly outages and platform downgrades? Not one with FB/IG involved, that’s for sure.