Is Instagram down? Instagram not working? Start here


not down. It’s finished, zuckerburg has retired, Facebook is going too, sold up to the Russian’s


Getting still Error 100 while try to post images, should check proxy, but do not use any.

What’s up does not accept images.
From Germany…

Think they have a big shared infrastructure issue. :wink:


I guess it’s game over, 8+ hours of no Facebook or Instagram? It’s all on the table now, they truly are the worst major tech company in (recent) history. I feel bad for the people who run legitimate businesses and ad campaigns via Facebook Advertising right now.

What a terrible way to lose business… not that it’ll impact FB much, but I guess never keep all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes.


It is not a big deal. 8 hrs is not even half a day. Any business who gets ruined by FB being out for a day is not a real business.


I’m (thinking out loud) about small businesses using FB for communication, sales, running a 3 day campaign for a book publishing deal, or whatever timely things were planned this week that they invested a ton of money on (for them).

But I agree, probably not a “real” business in that sense… and there’s also no reason to rely on FB/IG for 100% of your business, it would be a silly idea no matter what.


As they say - shit happens!


Cost of doing business I guess. Sucks when it’s caused by the “faithful company” you “put your trust in” much like all their privacy failures.


I think FB is getting more heat then they deserve. People cannot share every intimate detail of their life online and somehow be shocked that someone is collecting that info.

When VW got caught with their pants down for systematically putting out cars that they were aware were unsafe - it was a big deal for a week. When FB does something - outrage galore.

People are more outraged about privacy issues that may or may not personally concern them than about war, terrorism, obesity or any of the other 1000 actually shitty things that happen in the world on any given day.


Instagram is working for me again guys


These guys were live updating it:

It appears to be over. FB saying it’s not from a DDS attack makes me think it IS from a DDS attack.



Instagram is working well by my side now. I’m in South America btw. Maybe they are updating servers by zone time-to-time as some fellows in Germany still have problems with it.

Hint: if I was any of you, and you’re running any automation software. Stop it until Instagram is 100% working again :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.



at this time all seems to work fine


yep been working for me for over 5hr US west coast


It’s working in the UK as well.

Thanks Gods of Internet for that. Talking to my relatives for two evenings in a row sounds like a nightmare… :slight_smile:


Was FB having problems too?


In the UK, yes and so was What’s App.

Most of the people I have spoken to couldn’t share photos via Fb Messenger, comment and like other comments or share links.

I gave up social at some point and spend the evening playing good, old fashion M:TG :smiley:


its now working here in italy too!!


I found the reason guys.


This guy can upload 169 selfies but people on this forum upload 1 picture and boom insta-ban :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s that good. He did it before the outage tho. Thats why he’s a hero for admitting his mistakes.