Is it bad to use reposting during the first few days of Warmup?

Hi everyone! After getting my first account disabled in the first day today I began growing my second one. I use jarvee to run my accounts btw. So the page was doing fine liking, following and unfollowing until it got to doing its first repost, as that happened I got a phone verification message.
If this is bad how long should I wait before I start reposting or posting content on a fresh account?

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It’s bad to repost period

And why is it bad to repost period? I’ve read a lot of threads about people reposting and it seems like a common tactic

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its not bad, just repost 1 time a day and then u can do more if u feel like

i am with this. I cant explain why, but reposting gave me so much issues.

A bit nore work, but way better is to download a lot of posts wjth someting like 4kstogtam, use xnvieuw to change metadata in bulk. Make a great spintax and uae the import from folder on campaign section to upload those posts.

a bit more work then just repost, but way safer.



Thanks for the tips Danny. I’ll definitely be giving this a try later


Danny, do you run the risk of getting reported if you don’t tag the original poster? Thanks for the s/w btw been looking for this :smile:

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What type of proxies are you running if any?

try mention the original poster :wink: you will be amazed how upset they are and report you more often then just dont mention them:)


I’m running ssl private Proxy’s Instagram proxies with 1 on each account I have

Got ya think I have had an account reported for posting not getting the right mention… thx

Have heard of several people that have had issues with SSL. Try some good mobile proxies. I have had several accounts disabled using the post feature. I am in the process of testing to see if was Jarvee Post feature or bad proxies or both.


Yeah I was just thinking about trying some mobile proxies after being on the forum all day reading about them. Thanks for the advice man. And I’m definitely interested in finding out the result to that test if you don’t mind sharing with the forum

No problem will post the results when a bit more time has passed or a disable happens, which ever one happens first :call_me_hand:

So now another one of my accounts I created using sslprivateproxies got disabled a day after I posted so it’s looking like it’s the proxies

:+1: clearly no help needed

I agree with @dma0245 and @HenryCooper, however, I think it depends more on volume, attribution, and content.

I run a lot of foodie pages, always attribute and repost with spintax. Zero issues.

I repost verbatim months later and no issues.

I think it depends on a lot of factors.

But the reality is, don’t be lazy. Do some work and you lessen risk, and get more rewards.

EDIT: I see a lot of people here taking the quickest, easiest way to make a buck, and they fail most of the time. It all takes work, even spamming takes work. Nothing is for free or cheap. You have to do your own cost/benefit analysis.

It appears I have far less issues than many. Truth is, when I work, I work hard. When I’m lazy? I’m lazy as heck. I work hard and put in work. I work the issue and try to find what’s up. No one method has EVER worked for me. I suspect that it is the same for others.

So in short: TL;DR not reading the forum is still more egregious than the event in nineteen ninety eight when The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer’s table.


So today I got further clarity that it was the ssl proxies allowing me not to post. I recently switched to a static mobile 4gLTE mobile proxy and it has reposted fine today with no problems! Thanks for giving me the advice guys!


what is the website of your proxy provider?

been reposting since day one. one account almost 2 weeks old, 4 others are about 2 weeks old. no issues yet