Is it possible to do this with Jarvee?

I’m totally new to Jarvee and I want to use it on Pinterest to pin my items onto group boards.
I want to pin 1 of my pins (from a folder?) for every 2 repins of other user pins.
Is it possible to set up Jarvee to automatically repin 2 pins from the group board I’ve just pinned to, onto the next group board, and so on?
So it would pin one of my pins on group board A, then go on group board B, pin another of my pins + repin 2 pins from group board A, and so on.
Thanks for your advice

So you use MP?

many people use jarvee for pinterest with succes. Ofcourse you have to keep within limits.Dont spam big time.

do you use jarvee with pintrest and how much traffic you get from pintrest to your blog thanks

Hey @med_akli , why don’t create your own thread about that?
My question is about whether Jarvee can be set to do what I describe in the OP.

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you really think i am going to spend time on this questions?

First you just shout some stuff,without any proof. All bla bla about jarvee will ban your accounts. and then you want answers:)

Jarvee,and many other tools,dont get your accounts banned. people using this tool the wrong way is causing bans

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Hi @dma0245 , do you understand what I’m trying to do? And do you know if Jarvee can do that?

i am not a pinterest user, so cant help with details. somebody else will add some answers about that for sure!

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without any proof lol you can read the ban account from allot of users here because of jarvee pintrest its not like face or ig the only auto that allowed by pin is tailwind i used jarvee for a week follow unfollow 2oo action per day after a week they suspended my account and the reason is i used another aut software that not allowed by pint

Is that what Pinterest wrote in the suspension message? I doubt it…
Send them a message saying you’re sorry and you might get your account back.
Why were you doing F/U anyway? Everybody says it doesn’t work anymore on Pinterest…