Is it possible to grow a Tiktok account using Bluestack?

I’m thinking of growing a Tiktok account on my pc using Nox or Bluestack due to efficiency and for scaling purpose later. But i wonder if this is against the policy and Tiktok will shadow ban my account or it will be fine compared to using a phone?. Anyone succeed with this method?

Nope. 100% not worth the effort as it’ll most likely get detected.

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As I noticed, they don’t ban accounts at all, but they do block actions at:
Follows - 200 per day
Likes - 500 per day

So, you can try with some android emulators, but these are definitely daily limits. However, followback rate is pretty good.


I already created an account and uploaded some videos, seem like everything is pretty normal. Let’s see if it goes well in the next couple of days. Thank you buddy.

Let us know how it goes.


Just on Bluestacks or on any other android emulators?

Hey man, Any updates on this? Thanks