Is it safe to login the Pin account at different IPs

Hi I pin the photo to my Pin account at my local computer. And auto follow/unfollow/like at the MP on the VPS(different ip) Would it be safe?

I’m not sure why people keep asking questions like these :slight_smile: Of course it’s not safe, you’re logging in through 2 totally different IPs in short period of time or even at the same time.

This is suspicious behavior for every network, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter…

Let’s say @BrandonBerner and I are in coffee shop, drinking coffee and watching football game live broadcast. I’m next to him, he’s looking at me, then looks at TV and sees me in the stands? How would he react? :smiley:


(Man I gotta get a life today… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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I have been getting lots of PM’s lately about this question. Especially “Can I use rotating proxies with my accounts?” There has to be a post somewhere on the forum which is encouraging this question. This just started happening the past week. I guess this should be added to the What Not To Do Topic.

Haha sounds like a beginning of a romance novel :joy:

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