Is it too late to join the M/S strategy for growing IG

after researching a while, it seems that the Master/Slave strategy for growing IG account is too hard, any suggestion on this

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It’s never too late. But let’s say that if you start social media automation in 2020 or 2021, yeah you can forget about M/S for IG, especially if you want fast results.

Better going for an alternative growth methods where you’ll struggle less


Agree with @denis1


It is doable, but will take a lot of money and effort to learn the skills required

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What kind of methods would you suggest so @denfal struggles less? :slight_smile:
Just wanna hear what you think, is it automation or something manual, is it paid (ads) or free. Whatever you have in mind…


Good things don’t come easy :wink:
Put in the work, get the rewards.
Good luck!

So what’s the alternative?

It is never to late start anything, as long as you give the best for yourself or your customers and you don’t switch around with different business ideas. If you stay on one path and just explore the different branches of that path, your odds will always improve, even after a branch turned out to be not the right one. If you go a new path everything and you only explore a single branch each time, your odds will always be bad.


If i was new in the IG game in 2021, i would opt for a different approach to grow accounts, such as mastering IG ads or shout outs, with a cheap F/U.

We agree that those strategies aren’t as good as M/S when it comes about results or targeting, but they can be effective fast (which isn’t the case for M/S, as we all know >90% of people trying M/S will stop after weeks/months).

Also, i can’t really tell precisely for each one of those, as i’m myself into M/S too much, thus couldn’t explore in a deep way those other growth tactics. If you chose to go for M/S tho, prepare to put all your eggs in the same basket. You’ll have to go hard everyday on it for months (if you’re really advanced) or years (if you’re a beginner).


Short answer? Yes you’re late to the party.
BUT is not impossible to do M/S strategy you just need to think out of the box and stop relaying on automation because it’s dying and you don’t want to build-up based on something that one day will be vanished. Yes automation make things easier and cheap but it’s not meant for long term. i learned it in the hard way from the big purge (june 2018)

I’d rather go with shoutouts from reliable IG accounts with nice followers count and good engagement, than ads.

Ads require a lot of trial and error (read: spending money and time) till you get the right one. Sometimes even 1000s of bucks just to find the right ad, the one that works.

With shoutouts, all you need to do is invest time to find good accounts in your niche (high ER, a lot of followers, open for cooperation). No need to spend money until you choose who’ll you pay for a shoutout. And I’m pretty sure you’ll get more (grow, sell, whatever is your goal) for couple of $1000s spent on shoutouts than you’ll get for same amount spent with ads.

In both cases, you need $$$$ for significant growth (or whatever your goal is), so if you are a beginner with not that much money to invest, I don’t see other solution than moderate automation with Jarvee and M/S method. This also requires investment, but not as much as ads or shoutouts. It takes time, yes and there’s a learning curve, but it’s totally worth it.

Every job position/work is hard if you’re doing it right.

I don’t think it takes years, not even one year, to learn M/S and start profiting from it. On average, a month or two of learning, another month or two of testing, and you should start seeing results.

I said on average, but actually, it depends on the individual doing it. Some people learn and find solutions faster than others. Some slower. To summarize, I’d say you should start with M/S and see which of those are you.

Is it too late? The only time when it’s too late is when you don’t start at all.
Every single method you try and stick to it for some time (months, not couple of days), is actually some kind of profit for you.


Mother/Child is difficult because when you are inexperienced and IG does an update, you are fucked

Right now, I recommend you stick to something else because it’s at least 9 months - 1 year before it’s stable. And new people don’t know what to do if IG does an update…

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You probably right on that, i don’t master other growth strategies than m/s, so can’t really say anything for them. But i don’t really like them neither ehe

For experienced users, definitely. For newcomers, they need to eat some knowledge first (and there’s no book for that, only trials & errors). Let’s say that if we do a poll with “who tried / who succeed”, the numbers might be scary

You’re so damn right mate. But big purge wasn’t june 2019 ? Don’t tell me it was 2 years ago, i would feel like my hair is grey

It was May 2019th when blocks started :slight_smile:

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Oh i mistakenly writes 2018 lol. Yes it’s june 2019 when instagram rolled out the update for daily/monthly limit and took us days to figure it out. i still feel like it was yesterday!

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To be honest I had a working system within the first two months of starting and somehow all my accounts got linked and disabled within a day.

It’s a lot harder when you don’t know jarvee inside and out. So beginners will struggle as no one is going to give them help without paying for it. Small tips yes, but not the actual secrets of running an m/s bussiness.

Even after 8 months I’m still having random mass captcha days, the share profile laws, new api changes. Lucky I’ve learnt to fix things my self.

My experience showed me to try figure things out myself. Jarvee support know the very basics and not enough to help you If your passed that. Plus you have to wait 12-24 hours for a reply.

All you will get is:
Change the proxy or we cannot see anything on our end.

Yet they clearly see that my jarvee was having issues when they looked at my vps.

They are great for basic things, but will confuse you even more if its something more advanced.

My tips for newbies that are keen to start are:

  1. Be patient
  2. Have money to invest
  3. Post on Mpsocial if you need help
  4. If you have the money hire a coach that will teach you all the basics faster. (Wish I did this at the start).

Even though m/s causes lots of headaches I find it’s still worth the effort in learning. It was a great challenge for me. It’s not as easy as people say, so don’t take it lightly!

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mate you can still join this game , i will suggest you to start with manual m/s , because i think there is way less struggle on manual , you can start today with just basic information which you can find here on forum


Get into Shoutouts, Giveaways, Instagram ads as those are a lot more reliable. If you want to get into m/s then it’s just better to find a good service and resell it, other than that if you want to get into it all by yourself then there’s such a long and stressful road in front of you.

Thank you for the detailed feedback.

I am looking to grow a celebrity account, wondering if shout outs are the best way to go. They are not going to pay for ads or want to do F/U. Any advice?

-S :star2:

It depends how big a celebrity we’re talking. Usually I would say M/C will be more efficient than shoutouts and F/U for Influencers, even if they have 1 million followers or so.

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