Is it worth it to buy Tai Lopez - Social Media Market Agency course


I’m generally very cynical about online courses, particularly those that claim to be able to turn you into an overnight multi-trillionaire.
But I’ve heard quite a few good things about this Tai Lopez chap, is it a good idea to get his SMMM course?


This is Tai Lopez Course :!CIgETYaQ!Joz7SUp9_R5nAjxv7AX9ew


The best teacher for you is here:
every word they say is golden, with a long time of experimentation.


Wow! I’m taken aback, thank you.
Now tell me, is it as valuable as Tai and his minions claims it is??


Honestly, I haven’t seen it before.
I just read the posts in the forum.
I use instagram to sell T-shirts and honestly I only use the knowledge I have read on this forum


Hey dude, :blush:
Let me past you a link, where you can also get any course you need out there, for free !!TpkV2RyQ!6i46ZMN6_MFJ8OXb_WFcyA

Good luck !


Hi bro, do you use FBads to promote your store or just instagram spam accounts, etc?


What do you do @NVY.Social if you don’t mind me asking?


definitely better courses to start with on this subject are:

• Iman Gadzhi - SMMA
• Billy Willson - 6 Figure Agency
• Dan Henry - 30 Day Agency


I think MPSocial is the best course you can ever not pay for.


hi bro, I only use IG spam, below is the comparison of my spam and fb ads of my friends.


I agree with that,
You should read all @Adnan 's replies and topics, every word, every f*cking words, even if it’s from 2017. It’s still invaluable up to this time.


Of course it’s worth it!

Don’t you see the lambos and mansions? Buy his course to get your own lambos :smiley:

Jokes aside, you don’t need to buy anything. Most people here build their own 6 and 7 figures business out of the knowledge on this forum only so you can definitely do that as well.


…yeah but didn’t you know that Tai Lopez ist the KNOWLEDGE guy? :rofl:


Actually I did it and I loved it! It’s really interesting and he gives great entrepreneurs tips… maybe not the best if you use automation, but he will teach you how to get new clients…


Easy answer: No, it’s not worth it.


Thank you for the recommendations :slight_smile:

Iman Gadzhi – kid
Billy Willson – kid
Dan Henry – has a kid. I’m going to start with him


1 million dollars a month profit?



I am very skeptical when it comes to FB ads courses out there , as a lot of them sell hype, which produces a lot of unqualified marketers that destroy our image in the industry.

If I am to recommend one tho, I would recommend Jeff Miller ( I haven’t bought his course or courses), but I’ve been following him and his community, and I can attest that the value that I am getting without paying is great so far, hence why I am considering to buying his course.

Good luck!


Hey thanks for the link…
I downloaded a course… its asking the password to unzip…
Any Idea whats the password…??