Is Jarvee dead? If no explain why. Please provide methods for organic growth on Instagram. some other

I love instagram and Jarvee. A few months ago, I took a break from social media marketing to focus on investing forex and stocks trading, to which it has been very profitable. I was going to use Jarvee as a marketing tool but I recently found out on YouTube that instagram automation is over. My favorite instagram automation youtubers stopped uploading videos and it got me feeling concerned. Yes, we all knew Instagram was making changes to their algorithm but for it to put the ban hammer on the Jarvee community made me feel upset.
Is there other resources I can use to grow my Instagram account? I still use my favorite hashtag research tool, but this is all I have at the moment.


Jarvee is very much alive - IG just upped their game and that was long due. A lot of people that were not committed before (just being lazy and raking in money without preparing for the next step) or did it as a side business simply dropped out of the “game” due to issues they didn’t know how to tackle, which led them to lose clients, money and the will to continue.

There are still plenty of people out there actually knowing how to handle IG and who stay agile enough to compensate for the changes. This is also evident if you check the Marketplace for things IG related (Accounts, Proxies etc.)

Did it become harder? Very much so. Thinks that easily worked before (800 Follows per day) are now in the past. You pretty much have to re-learn things and what the limits are. Hourly/Daily/Monthly limits can shift hard with your account quality, IG now is better at detecting automation (hence the rise of manual growth, which has it’s own issues) so you have to adjust on how accounts respond. Just because it worked with one account doesn’t mean four your others you can simply copy&paste

I"m sure @Stiletto has a more in-depth explanation :slight_smile:


The reason I fell off the was because my OS X Mac book pro :computer: could not use my iPhone X as a proxy due to jarvee being used by a VPS. Plus it was pricey paying for the vps and jarvee. I tried trading without proxy and my settings were low risk and I would still get banned for a week. If only Jarvee had a Mac version, I’d still be using it today.:roll_eyes:
FYI: I use jarvee personally, not for other people/businesses.
How is your account dealing with blocks?

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Did you try free VPS from Amazon? It works just fine if you only have less than 5 accounts. but you will need 4g mobile proxy which is not cheap.

Anyway, Jarvee is not dead. I can follow/unfollow 200 without any block now using the new options they added recently: F/U with contextual actions.

I use Jarvee personally too to grow my pages.


Hello friend 200 a day ?, I suppose it will say a month with your screenshot the accounts do not come out :wink:


Hi friend, sorry I don’t get your reply.

I only followed less than 50 users per day before contextual actions option exist, now I can follow a lot more. I’m still testing my limits… and trying with both api and eb,

If you have some tips/recommended settings, you can share with me :grinning:

Sorry friend, I understood that you could do 200 F / U

hello, yes I could, prev SS was from yesterday

Hi friend,

Just a 200 day? with one day you cannot draw statistics or conclusions.

When you have been doing 200 follow a day for more than a month, then if you can talk about success, but only one day?

If you are so kind you have us updated please


negative ghost rider, very much so alive

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if you read my previous post i’m using new options contextual follows/unfollows, it has been only a few days since they make the option work for API. You should try it too and see how it goes.:grinning:

anyways, I’m just happy that I can F/U more users these days.

Great, if you can in a few days you have informed us of how everything is going, thanks!

We’re very much alive, thank you for caring :slight_smile:

Automation got harder, that’s true. Forget about days when you could folllow and unfollow 1000-1200 users per day, that’s past.

Anyway, with right right targeting and good settings, you can still get great followback ratio.
With latest updates and contextual actions function, follow, unfollow and like tools work great.

You can see what some of our clients say here:


Wow :hushed: that is amazing to hear. I heard you can use a mobile device as a hotspot and it can be used as a proxy but can I use only one proxy for one account or multiple proxies for one account by rotating it. < I heard this on YouTube and thought owning multiple proxies is just too expensive :sweat_smile:

I agree with Juliannua. 200 follows for one day, only one time isn’t very impressive

Oh wow, I’m glad now we have a Jarvee staff member to help us out. Can you let me give me an update of what not to do with this automation tool? In a list please. And is it safe to automate one account with a single proxy? I heard I can use my IPhone X📱 as a hotspot and it counts as a 4g proxy.

200 follows if done right, with good sources, can bring you 30-40% follow back rate. That’s 40-60 new followers from Follow tool only.

Now, you’ll also use Like tool, Story viewer, post good content, use hashtags suitable for your account… All this combined can bring you couple of 100s of followers per day.

Don’t use aggressive settings. If you used automation tools before, you probably got used to follow/unfollow about 1000 users per day. Don’t try to do that now.

One account with single proxy is OK. You don’t even need a proxy if you’ll run it on your home PC, since you’ll be doing all action through residential IP which are trusted by IG.

Sure, if you install Jarvee on your laptop/PC, use iphone as hotspot and connect your laptop/PC there, all your actions will be done through mobile IP.

But as I noticed, you have Mac, right? If that’s the case, you an install Parallels and then windows on your Mac and install Jarvee there.

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When will we get a Mac application of jarvee. That is all I want for my birthday :gift: :cake: :balloon: :partying_face: It is next month. lol

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Using residential IP’s or 3g/4g proxies will relieve half of the automation block issues. It is true IG has updated their filters and mass actions aren’t doing so well anymore. However, in most cases this is not a tool’s fault, and with careful and diverse usage of actions, you can still get a good ROI.


Sorry, but I doubt you’ll get that for your bday :smiley:
I would love to, but it’s simple too much work. We would have to create everything from scratch.
Since you’re running just one or couple of accounts, you can always get a cheap, used windows laptop, for 100-200 USD and install Jarvee there. It’s better than keeping your Mac on all the time.

Thank you. Right to the point :slight_smile: