Is M/S still working?

There are conflicting reports about whether M/S is still working after DM blocks, etc… Can anyone shed light on whether it’s still a viable method to grow one’s account?

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Definitely still viable. Just harder to setup than before tho, so you won’t find this
easy to build it / or cheap anymore …

How about mention mother account in DMs ?
Is really IG strict agaist M/S when you use Dms ?
How about tag + mention on pictures in these days ?


  • Yes, i think IG never got so strict about DMs. Anyway, IG never got so strict about anything these times :slight_smile: So it’s not a surprise actually

  • I do not use tag + mention, i don’t think it’s really powerfull IMO

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@denis1 When you say not cheap anymore, what kind of prices are we talking about? :open_mouth:

@instanoob1 Depends on the growth expectations, but it’s not a few hundreds dollars anymore sadly :confused:

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Hey Denis, are you able to DM successfully?

mine is working with a slight variation. butlike the member said above its not cheap because account spend a lot of time PV and EV. dm and i can give you a test



nearly impossible. most ppl went out of business for it and either quit or go full manual

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Its still working but costs are way higher these days.

Rough Prices - (based on past experience)

late 2018 rates were almost $250-300 for 5k followers (~0.06 per follower)
early 2019 rates inflated to $500 for 5k followers (0.1 per follower)
mid 2019 rates inflated to $1000 for 5k followers (0.2 per follower)

Expect to pay 2-3x of the mid 2019 rates if you want to start now.


The 0.2 per follower price is still available around, but the very few M/S providers still going on are already full of clients, so indeed you might want to bring more on the table to get more attention :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah it is but it’s unsustainable even for them for new clients. Building a network isn’t cheap anymore. If you want quality results then paying for quality is what makes the most sense.

impossible dont waste time or money…

dammit. i wished i read this few days ago cause i just started and none of my active accounts in jarvee are following anyone and my settings all look good. i may have wasted money on proxy and vps for this month. are people switching to ig story ads now?

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mentions still working

Well, for me as an old m/s provider I think it doesn’t work anymore, especially since the DM blocks, and I moved on to other growth methods, but recently by luck I have discovered some account still using it
and she’s growing on a steady pace

, so out of curiosity i managed to find a few of her child accounts and i did follow them but none of them sent me a dm asking me to follow the main account, but they are doing follow unfollow and post each two days photos of the main with mentioning @ the main in each caption and ofc in all of their bios , so somehow that’s enough to make people follow the main and without sending a single Dm.


@BrotherJoseph Well, we don’t send DMs to some users aswell. You didn’t receive any DMs because your followers/followings range didn’t match ; so why would they send a DM to you ?

DMs for M/S is a good strategy that still works, but the less you spam the plateform the better it is (= filters);

But for sure it works. Just way harder than 1 year ago :smiley: I join you on that.

However, posting with captions can works aswell, eventho i don’t like it

Hey please message me I’m looking for quality m/s

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thank you guys , i just realized i need to charge more for my m/s… yes its working but its not affordable to tire kickers