Is mpsocial dead? or its just me

how many members an dhow many active members are on this forum?
i see all the time the same people (about 10 pips) commenting and make posts
i also see on the newest page topics that made months ago

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You need to reach higher user level to gain access to other parts of the forum. There you will find more active members.


oh thx to makin it clear to me, but isnt that just makin it harder? if you superate the forum in lvls?
getting to lvl2 i dont see it happening in the near future for me…with so low active members in my lvl


Keep participating , help others , stay active and you might get a early promotion .


Just stay active and you will be good. Being active is the key


Some of us are working on more public facing content that all user levels can benefit from. But as others have mentioned, the key is to participate in the forum, and above all, help one another. If you have a a tutorial or guide that might help others, that would be key to gaining level 2.


i have something in mind ill make soon a guide
for how to set up a free automated bot for instagram with python
stay tuned :open_mouth:


Is it this one?



Pretty hard to be original nowadays…

github yes lol, thx for sharing, no need to make a guide now

well when it comes to tech yes it is, this guides are running around the web like a virus
ill still make a guide with few twists by me (well not me really, by my homesboy)

Avoid posting any threads that include bots, they will get deleted.


If MPSocial were dead, then @Johnny 5 would not be alive.

And since he feels alive, MPSocial is not dead.


Just fill a need and it’s original.
I want to code a scraper to pull hashtags out of my posts and tell me where it’s located. I just found out one of my accounts used #like hashtag and I know it’s banned…then I can proceed to manually remove it or have it removed automatically by it. Just don’t have time yet :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Is this for IG-Ads through FB Ads?

nevermind. something entirely different

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Wish there was an irresistibly cute emoji to use right now that could do the trick… Until then I’ll be participating as much as possible