Is Pinterest any good for sending traffic to a business?


Is anyone currently able to use Pinterest to send a good amount of traffic to their (or their client’s) business/product/service using automation software (J, Tailwind or similar)?

I’m still having lots of issues with IG so i was thinking of trying Pinterest but i’m hearing mixed opinions - some people say it’s not working at all anymore while others say it is working pretty well.

So from your experience do you think it’s worth it giving this a try or will i just be wasting my time and it’s better i focus on something else (eg TikTok) as i’ll first have to learn how to use and automate Pinterest properly (never used it before), create new accounts and content and so on?


I’m not very familiar with Pinterest, but from what i know and seen on this forum, it can be a good traffic source for a business.

For TikTok, it is HOT right now… I’d focus more on making the content than automating anything at first. Then figure out the right metrics or actions that are worth the most bang per buck in terms of 1) engagement, 2) connection 3) content

I’d give both a shot if you are really willing to going in deep on social media.


My 2 cents on Pinterest:
I use mostly IG as a traffic source, I’m not officially present on Pinterest or I can’t find huge amounts of my products posted there, but still I get around 1-2% traffic daily from Pinterest. No idea how, how it works and who “helps” me, but it does and I get sales from that traffic.


Pinterest works well. You have to do things a little different. You need content (blog posts) to drive traffic. You can’t just put product images up and hope people will buy. If you look at what the majority of stuff is, it is recipes and crafts where the article is talking about how to make the item, and selling stuff through affiliate links sprinkled within the article.


I use pinterest mainly for SEO. I get many Backlinks for my PBN


I’m really surprised that there isn’t some sort of basic guide about how to setup Pinterest with J. We have looked around and the only thing we can find is super outdated YT videos which don’t really seem to be all that relevant now.


Pinterest is very underrated. One of the highest ROI of all the social platforms. It’s basically a free product search engine if you use it right.


But would you say that Pinterest is suitable for all niches or for which niches does it work the best?
Cause for example i’m in the music niche (selling various services to music artists) and i spoke with a few people that have a lot of experience with Pinterest and they said it wouldn’t work well with the music niche.
Do you agree with that statement?


I would say Interior design and tourism are the best performing niches.


It really depends on the kind of niche you’re into. Otherwise it is a good source of traffic.


Do you think Pinterest might work well for the music niche? Cause i have a few different websites selling various services to music artists and trying to find some alternative platforms as i’m having lots of issues with IG.