Is searching really hard?

After sometime here and other forum’s I have some questions to some people.

Is it really hard to use search button on the top of the forum or Google your question? I know I’m not the only one who has this feeling, some random guy does one post and asks:

“How do I find great followback accounts”
“How do I create IG accounts”
“I have follow blocks what do I do”
“I just got banned on IG how do I recover my account”

Seriously why don’t you search before you ask really isn’t hard, personally I think I did great posts here who took some 2/3 hours to write (I’m not from English speaking country so I take much more just to check simple Grammar, yes might fail here and there but I do my best) and I know we have some people who feel the same like me. Tons and tons of great info here, with spoonfed, pictures to show how it’s done, some people drop really big goldnuggets on comments, they expose their methods and these guys come here and ask all the questions they have with posts.

I just wanted to take this out because I’m that type of guy, when comes to one forum the first thing I do I see the biggest post’s, if I see the post had great info I need I read all the comments, I even stalk these guys who are big like @pow dma0245 @kripke Tacos StayStyled @roy @Adnan alossra @jmarie @MojoJojo plovlife @wortime BruceSilduk ido @SZarkic @alexnvo even much more @HenryCooper Babs dudes I could really type here all guys I took some info from their journey and posts… Sorry if I didn’t remember all names because from one year I’ve been reading forum’s I can’t remember everyone.

My point here is search for yourself, do your work by yourself, don’t expect someone to give you all information, please.

I know we are all humans and sometimes you can fail and the guys here will help you but don’t do the same questions over and over again :wink:

I needed to get this out because I feel full of this, all days the same questions I want to help some people with great information but I know some guys here feel the same and I needed to get this out. Thank you everyone and hope to see some improvements!


I am just so flattered. :heart_eyes:

I’m not lol


I’m fully with you on that. However also a bit dual about it since it seems that part of the info is being hidden from the forum. Especially for beginners, especially IG being bipolar these days you can’t expect anything else than a lot of questions when a decent part is being hidden to the next levels.

Although it’s true that the basic questions are easy to find.

Edit: I also think It would be helpfull for exprienced users to step in more often since on the lvl 1 topics you see a lot of guessing being thrown around and misinformation. This becomes confusing and leads to asking the question again.

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I full agree with you on that!

Where is the search button?? Can anyone send me a link to the search page?


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I think it would be helpful if people with a decent experienced background in anything SMM related could proof themselves to leaders or more lvl’d people so they can contribute and enter the next level boards. I consider myself one of those people running a really good business in a niche that’s difficult. I could def contribute with that and share ‘equal skill’ but i’m not a programmer/botter with years of experience.

For me this forum is lacking too much at this point. Having to contribute and sweat it out for months? Years? Is just… idk. A lost cause already.

I dont understand what you mean by that but i’ll take it yes!

Just mdf grind :wink:

That’s what i’m doing and is to protect the community I see the MP vision here. Crawlers are very expert they need to protect and not just give to guys who have “SMM” Agencies.

IG can pay SMM big money just to crawll regular level

I want an invite to the party for sure :man_technologist::tada::confetti_ball:

Seems like ya’lll been cooking up some secret sauces up there

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That’s why helping the newbs is important I expect too to have great sauces but not game changing if you’re already in this game for months or years :wink:

For me almost there and I grind for 2/3 months not too much

In 3 months most of us are working at mcdonalds. Just kidding, we’ll see

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Ahahah you don’t need to be here 9/5 :wink: what I do is free time through out the day I check forum and see who can I help, give some value information

It was just because you do like it’s so hard to get level 2. But it’s really not hard. Just follow this guide And I am sure you will be there soon. Good Luck

this one made me laugh ahah