Is that really true?

i know that garyvee is not THE guy to take his advces to grow on instagram as he says only basic stuff like all fake gurus but on this video

he talk about instagram is now giving more interest to picture rather than video lol like from where he get those information , does he work with them or what ? but srsly is that true or just another sh tty clickbait video


He mostly sees a big amount of data working with influencers and athletes.

I’d take his advice to heart tbh.

But just like all info and advice, test it out and compare the data for yourself.


He prob has some insight, but as with everything test, test test. Never take anyone else but yourself’s word as the truth.


so it’s just by observation of statistics of his clients nothing else ? i thought there was a website where instagram communicate their major algorithm change , if it’s just that i think we are all capable of this then just search competitor last 10 post wich type of format got etter engagement and test it out .

sure bro I cant wait to see motivational speeches from GaryVee on TikTok talking like r-trd Jake Paul to kids


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haha he cracks me up everytime he say the same thing over and over and basic stuff imagine one day he say f ck it i will told them about blackhat methods lol

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Total garbage

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snap was decapitated by facebook and made really impotent – via story copies

Vine as just simply dropped.

He has a history of jumping on the next big trends. TikTok has deep pockets no doubt.
I ask myself one question –
'are major players ready to make videos in the tiktok style – I think thats the question.

I watch on the sidelines – I gave up on tiktok for now and sticking to my strength insta. One of the major problems I see still, even after 4 month on tiktok – it’s still a teenagers game.


Won’t work for too long, as it’s very “generic” type of content.

Gary Vee might be correct one time he flipped a coin, but that doesn’t make the odds better for the next flip.
Who knows where the next hype is gonna be?

i would not count them out – they make billions per year and can go toe to toe with insta and facebook. Also, they are hungry for western money – it will no go away.

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They don’t make a profit and have been in the game for years.

which branch? chinese or outside of china? "in china they are major sellers of products online and just in china 7 billion american dollars – Now tiktok, their outside of china version is getting the needed exposure and content creators to make serious money.
The owning company makes a shit load of profit. from it’s product

true of tumbler, twitter, pinterest too I might add. Shall we ignore them?

Tumblr is practically dead already.
Twitter has lost it’s hype from years back.
And Pinterest is still going.

Just because you do billions, doesn’t make your future outcome better.
But not making a profit is a high risk factor and playing with fire.

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it’s simple – do it or don’t. I think they are a force to be reckoned with. One thing has not come into play yet – facebook jumping in to try to stop their growth. HEAD ON. With that said – all of this are predictions – the battle will come and it will be interesting. Gary Vee is successful, no doubt – but history tells us when one is right one time – it will not make them always right. He is a businessman, not a prophet.


Amen to that. Hope we see awesome battle between TikTok and Facebook Group. Should be fun

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On insta or facebook – major/minor niches are a plenty. Some niches I see at this point will fail on TikTok, For instance – Hospice care. Unless you market to the kids to pay for your parents/grandparents death to be not alone. It is not a all come all served media. 30 or younger now.

they are trying to do it with a new version look a like tiktok version for instag

you talk about facebook groups or the company itself ?

in testing – they crippled snap – frankly, I doubt they will hurt TikTok. However, I doubt TikTok big will bigger than Insta for one fact. Not everyone will produce videos. Pictures are simpler. Also – tiktok, to be good will be time intensive. As one MAJOR content producer on the chinese version said – it’s slave labor work for TikTok. Yet, the handwriting is on the wall – it already is a major player in the birth

I am not a tiktok expert nor good on that platform – I look at it from a social media agency/big network owner. There is a difference. I don’t play on the major league xxx team – I own the team( my team :slight_smile: )


TikTok is about 39x smaller than Instagram traffic-wise, just saying.