Is the Mother-child Method Works Yet on Instagram?

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Is the Mother-child Method Works Yet on Instagram?

If yes how can I implement the Mother-child strategy effectively. I know that many people make lot of mistakes. What kind of mistakes I have to avoid ?

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Has been working for a very long time.

You can use a manual method or automated with Jarvee.

The mistake to avoid is having them linked together, or else all the children will go down quickly.

Yes, of course, I’m still using it even on new accounts created.

Make sure that there is no connection between the mother and child accounts, so no use of the same posts, caption, proxy, links in bio, sending the same messages/comments.

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It works, and its been working for me for a long time.
I’d say its stable from Jan 2021 without any major issues. So its worth doing.
But starting now from the scratch would be difficult but not impossible.
like @Jessi said, not having them linked is imp.
Its not a problem when you manage around 500-1000 child accs.
Trouble is real when you do 5000+. That’s when the shit gets real.

Can you publish an example here of a mother and one of its child account that you can have found in instagram? thanks

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Mother slave works well, but takes a lot of time and is expensive to run.

Here @goss this guy here is the king of ms or at least one of them (well his marketers).

Looks like his main account has been disabled weirdly.

It always works. You just need to find way to keep it going with Instagram updates.

A lot of users use this method and it works for them. Just follow the advice mentioned and you’ll be good.

Well I have learned a lot about this method and the issue is the costs the problem is that Instagram cracked down on DMs so now the limits are very low which raises the cost significantly. You have to spend a lot of time to do this and really I would prefer to do it myself simply because I know my account and myself better and I found the DMs people sent were not good and resulted in me getting less results. Most people who do this are not from America so they don’t know the culture and that’s a problem. So make sure people know your niche and they know it like it is theirs. Make sure if you do it for others you do the same or do some quick simple research take a few days on pages to learn the language and things. I think people should care about someone’s instagram page because many put their heart into it and so you should treat it like your page. You will then get all the business I have a business minor so I know a lot about these things. So know the niche, be aware of upfront costs, check your proxies or else the accounts get linked the whole stack blows, when you make the fan or child pages put a little thought into them and I just think in the long run you will run the game. Good luck.

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Very well said, Sir. I love reading people’s advice here as I learned so many things that I can use for my own accounts. Great advice, thank you.

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of course it’s still working but not that easy anymore, try to have good quality accounts, scrapers and proxies, make sure to have at least 3 scrapers per main account and try to not use more than 3 accounts per proxy, 4G proxies are the best for main accounts.

How do you make sure that it doesn’t get linked?

When running 500 accounts, it will tend to have something same, like caption, messages, post caption, bio.

Can you write brief on how you do it?
I would like to do it for my brand/

Yes, it works and it has always been working. When it comes to Mother/Child method, there are many many things that are important but if you put all the pieces of the puzzle correctly I believe that this is the safest and the most efficient way for growing accounts atm.

I agree, when having more than 100 account thing become difficult to separate, most accounts start getting the same stuff, but even with that we can still make sure the accounts are not linked, like for example when using caption we can use very complex spinsyntax that will give thousands of results but im curious what jessi can add.

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Okay can you explain the 3 scrapers per main account part and the 4g proxy? Different people of course have different approach I know some say get the 4g for the slaves I believe and then some say just use one proxy per slave. Can you just use the regular proxies for the slaves? Now the scraper is going to scrape data for getting your targets together? Why can’t you just pick a target then have the system pick the people from the target based on parameters set? What’s the function of scraping? Thx in advance :v:t3:

Simple. Its called spintax. Make a spintax with over a billion different versions and then you have a billion different ways to write that text.


The scraper does the hard work so that the slave can stay under the radar.

Scrapers are less important and don’t require 4g, slaves however are.

It works well for me. You just need high quality accounts and proxies.
Start with a small amount of actions and increase every day

When you use the tagname method, your scrapers will work in the background scraping users from your source. They scrape users which meet your filters. The scraped users will then be followed by the main account. Scraper accounts also do API Calls for scraping your slave accounts’ information during sync operations.

As ossi explained, the system will still pick from the target based on parameters automatically. It’s just important that you set up scrapers properly so that they are used to execute those scraping API calls, not your main accounts.