Is there a top secret section here on MP Forum?

I remember reading a thread a while back (from an admin I think) and it seemed to suggest so. Then just now I was on another thread and clicked on a link and was brought to a page that told me I did not have access.

Am I missing something here? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes Mpsocial uses a level system right now for members here is the full thread. User Levels


There’s a part of the forum for level 3 users. It’s not that hard to reach it :slight_smile:


What mischief is this? It logs me out every time I click the link…

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What link are you clicking?

The link in this post. I click it and it opens a different tab with me logged-out…

Good idea to be cautious when stuff like that happens, incase you’re being phished or something. But in this case, I think it’s just a cross-domain cookie issue.

Like… say you are logged in on mobile or just logged in at, but Adnan’s link is So… they are actually considered as two different domains and your browser might only have the cookies for

What the site admins here should probably do is setup a 301 redirect so that any requests to get redirected to and then that won’t happen, plus it’s usually better for SEO (so SEO link juice isn’t split between domains even though it’s the same page).

Edit: FYI - It’s also possible to redirect www to non-www

There are actually 2 private places, one for lvl 2 users and one for lvl 3 users :slight_smile:

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Ah I thought there was, pretty get involved :slight_smile: