Is there another way to market mobile CPA


Hi all,
I’m new to this community and to the Internet Marketing generally. I have read a lot, started my own campaigns with IG and Ogads but results have been so far poor.

I’d like to know if there’s another way to optimize my campaign to yield results. Or is the IG trend frizzling out ?


What were you promoting with OGads?

Did you use their Landing page?

A lot of people are using them, that could be one of the reasons you got bad results. IG users already got used to those fake giveaways and probably saw the LP 100 times.

Your own custom LP would probably work better.
Also niche that isn’t available on OGAds would probably work better.


I’m promoting snapchat cheats and giveaways. Yes, i’m using their landing page as OGads wouldn’t allow a custom landing page.

Is there a way to promote a real give away offer? As most mobile CPA offers are lies.
Do you have any advice as to niche?


Can’t you just use their content locker on any other page? I think you should be able to do that.

I wrote a thread in LVL2 section, it’s about CPA but you can’t access it since you’re LVL1 member.

Anyway, hang around, be helpful, post, like and you’ll be LVL2 in no time :slight_smile:

Users levels explained:


Thanks for the help, Adnan.
Yes, it possible to use their content locker on any page but I don’t have a website yet. I was hoping I can start with free traffic, get some money then scale up.

LOL… It’s a long way up to level 2, I’ll definitely get there.

Lastly, going by your avatar, are you a Man Utd fan?