Is there any way to buy Promoted Pins (payments only allowed from 16 countries)?

I want to buy Promoted Pins, but I am not from the countries they work with.
They already accept cards from 17 countries, but Ukraine is still not there and seems won’t be in the nearst time.

Do you know any 3rd-party networks that can offer me this service?
Maybe I can create a card from the countries they allow the payments from?

Brainstorming on this topic) Thank you for help!

is paypal an option?

Pinterest doesn’t accept paypal. Visas and Masters only

How about payoneer? Do they accept those?

I’m not 100% sure, but a virtual credit card (VCC) might do the trick.

No payoneer for now.

I am not sure, but may be it will work. I never used virtuals. Need time to check how to open this card, etc… Thank you)