Is this Forum dying?

Hi everyone, just wondering if it feels like Instagram Marketing section is dying?

Seem quite slow compared to about a year ago when everyone was looking for answers after that big algo update in summer 2019. Now I log in and you dont get much notifications anymore as before.

Just a quick poll to see whats happening, vote away!:

  • IG no longer profitable, moved onto something else
  • Still banking on IG, just not as active anymore
  • Already got my lambo, retired from this IG game

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I check back in the forum every week or so - I cut back on my Instagram services as I still see some stuff working but I think most of whats working is already in the forums.

Id also like to note that I am transitioning to other interests as well: coding, engineering.

I’d guess the forum is less active around IG since

  • people found a sweet spot of whats working for them and it’s not as hot a topic to share / or has already been said
  • there might be a switch to tiktok
  • people might just lose hope / interest with IG altogether.

Lol @ option number 3


Similar in this regard.

This echoes where I am. once you find your “space,” you don’t need to come in as often unless you believe there’s something worth coming for.

That said, I think one thing that would be worth coming for is open collaborations, which I have a draft proposal in the (background) works. I believe such activities would drive more activity to the forum, and truly build more community among the users here.

Outside of that, I do come back to periodically review old threads. As noted in the above quote, most of what is needed for IG was already discussed. The only thing left is to use the appropriate nuggets to build what you are looking for on the platform.

Once that’s done, there’s not much else to talk about.


Jarvee took over the main market, and what’s left is super niche custom-developed tools that arent wildly as shared since they have a competitive advantage to them being hidden.

Telegram is a good home for these such tools/ developers, so I find myself there more often.

However, I check in here. I mainly frequent the marketplace and search for new providers.

The challenge today is just finding vulnerabilities

I think its because instagram is getting smarter and finding out the patterns and systems people use. So, the more you share about your setup the more overused it becomes. Instagram sees the pattern and Boom all your accounts are gone.

For instance last week basically everyone that has a large number of instagram accounts got hit hard. Some losing thousands. This includes people with private bots, not just jarvee.

I know of some guys still running 30k accounts on jarvee. Most are running 250+ accounts. But, once you figure what works people tend to hide it so that it doesn’t get leaked and everyone kills it for them.

Thats my theory anyway. Ive posted some of my personal settings or tips and a week later IG kills it.
I remember saying that I was running 30+ accounts per 4g with no issues and a week later IG changed and killed most accounts sharing the same IP.

Oversaturation is the reason in my opinion.


I found my sweet spot like I someone mentioned above. And most of the questions asked here are repeated constantly from newbies that could use a search bar for 3 minutes.

I do wish MP team would give us updates on TikTok since that’s a new wave right now.


Instagram automation has taken a huge hit in general which was the backbone of this forum :cry:


Insta was the king for a time – money came if you put in the hustle often in large amounts. Then it reached the bell curve top and went down. One could put an ad for growth services – get a client and put into mp and it often more times than not grew – on to the next client. Accounts also had terrific organic growth – not anymore. growth comes often slow and with a lot of work. There is still money to be made however there are other opportunities also. A wider audience in new markets – TikTok being that now.
Facebook and Insta – still the king by far in sheer numbers and together reach – and this reach comes at a cost of dollars. The greatest hit to this forum and others like it has been insta cutting the legs of bots running nearly flawlessly. Now it takes cunning and skill to not only operate a bot but code.

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Share info here = gets patched in a week.

Ask me how I know. :frowning:


Exactly, that’s the reason why advanced users are not sharing methods/tips anymore in forums, that’s happening in many forums not just here because methods/tips will get patched quickly, some newbies don’t add their twist to the method/tip, they just spam it until it gets patched.

Instagram is a gold mine and better than before, there is less competition, and I know many users still doing good with automation, but they are not active in forums.


I would loove that I was among those who selected the 3rd option, but no, I am still here :slight_smile: active and automating :smiley:

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If Insta employees couldnt reach this forum, automation would still be easy. Once you grind out what works for you - you do not share. Plain and simple. It’s not as easy as before but also not hard if you are deep into it.


the lambo part was good :grin: i wish i was there ahaha, no man, the automation is still doing its thing could be slow for now but it’s working and we are making money of it so active and automating like Jaha said :grin:

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June 2019 was the start of IG’s plan. Years before they went after agencies but that didn’t stall any demand. Then in June 2019 they lowered their limits (6000/200) and the first block wave hit. It was wild. But what IG didn’t account for is the sheer appetite for growth that our society has built. And to this day, it’s still there. People don’t post because they hate their engagement. They are so tied to #'s.

Fast forward to today, IG has finally done the unthinkable, deleting accounts. It’s wild, but it’s still not going to touch the appetite. People are addicted. It’s a huge mirage for most, but obviously some folks have and will make a hell of a lot of money off their IG’s.

We were lucky to expand our F/U services and have multiple ways to handle clients.

I was MIA for a minute here focusing on that, but love this forum. Make MP Great Again!


Yeah, last week was a reign of terror for most.

Its hard to say what will keep working but aslong as people are ahead of IG they will win. The issue comes when things start to get easy and people relax. Then IG hits.

The good thing is that every new feature IG adds gives us a chance to find a way to grow from it. Ie some people are growing through the new guides feature.


That’s interesting. And this is why the forum is not dead. But accounts being deleted, wow. We luckily had none due to what we do on f/u, but I guess there is nothing IG can do now unless they blackball users.


I know heaps of guys that had client accounts banned last week and even this week. Stay safe!
I would never do f/uf client work again. M/C all the way!

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I’m waiting for Tika Toka :blush:

trying to brighten up ppls day haha