Is this Forum dying?

The F/U was the simplest and the most magnificent method there was :smiley: I am soo sorry because those times are behind us :frowning: But the show must go on!


Are you guys doing f/u on tiktok with any satisfying results?

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Yes! Follow +likes later mass unfollow, getting 1000+ new followers a month,not using jarvee, just web browser automation.

I assume directly working on the account on browser?

Yes Web browser automation not manually.

I think a corvette would be smarter haha

I wouldn’t say it’s dying but it’s just the enthusiasm is quite low because of the restrictions on the automation. But there’s other ways just people need to play by their rules and think out of the box.

yeah agreed, if you can share a few tricks it would be great, some strategies and money-making stuff.

If you’re still attempting to automate Instagram at this point I commend you- truly. I’d have been balding by now at 24 years old if I hadn’t stopped trying to make things work in 2018. Proxies, accounts, phone verifications, CAPTCHAs, Jarvee issues… good grief.

The only way I can see things working (at scale) is to outsource manual actions to virtual assistants in the Philippines or simply paying people who are able to get things working for a month or two to grow an account for you. Spend $150 a month on a service, get 500-1000 followers a month, find a new service when the current one runs into issues, and repeat.

Even paying for ads via the advertising platform built-in to Instagram will eventually lead to poor results- Facebook (Instagram) has been scamming advertisers with fake traffic and clicks for years. They’ll let you get good results for 6 months to a year and then they’ll start screwing with you.


Yeah and then you need to figure out how you can monetize IG to pay for that VA without killing your engagement / audience. Also I believe the account needs to be warmed up to the VAs device.

Yeah I’d just create a fresh account for each VA. VA #1 grows account #1, VA #2 grows account #2, etc. You’d be at a loss for the first 6 months or but you’d eventually recuperate the funds by either offering growth services using the system you built for growing your own accounts or selling shoutouts, etc. $150 a month per account isn’t too bad if 500+ followers are being gained each month (in my opinion).

I am curious, on what have you managed to earn the most with those grown accounts?

As soon as I started monetizing my accounts Instagram released the first great ban wave- I believe it was in 2017 or 2018 (you can check my post history and my posts should be there). So, I sold around 6 shoutouts for $20 each within a month on a 40K account (I also had a 17K follower account, a 13K follower account, and an 8K follower account) and my entire network got wiped before I could take things further. At the very least, I could’ve sold the accounts for a total of $780 back then ($10/1,000 followers was the going rate).

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MPSocial & BHW both died, not much great info there, reason? well when people post good methods, they get burned / patched within a week, so my advice, spend 1-2months searching a method and keep it for urself.


So all the juicey stuff is in :lock: forums on level 2+ :sunglasses::joy:

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Nothing is handed to anyone here, which I think dissuades people looking for a quick fix and easy money, but that’s the way it should be to keep the forum professional.

If you’re new to the game, this forum has so much gold hidden away in previous threads - you just need to know where to look (or spend a lot of time looking :wink:).


i was lvl3. nothing there either lol