Is this the beginning of the end for TikTok?

What do you guys think? They just decided to stop operations in HongKong to further distance themselves from China.

If Trump politicizes it, then it’s the end.

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Not the end. It’s probably beginning of high demand on chinese proxies :slight_smile:


Could be just European proxies lol… not banned there (yet)

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What after that?
If everyone will ban tiktok except china you gonna run IM for chinese people?


The bigger threat to TikTok is Papa John creating endless content.

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I think you guys are not realizing on which end this might become a problem. No point operating on a platform where the US & EU are excluded from. It’s not about if you can run your TikTok account, its about losing a big customer base.


You and I are on the same page :wink: Idk about Mike haha

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There would be another tiktok by us company, so another chance to grow

There are already companies, the only problem is that those are just not widely used and/or do not have the marketing budget to make a big enough push into the mainstream world of social media.

Since most platforms copy each other most liked features (by userbase), most likely there is already one of the big apps that have a really similar TikTok feature-set. So it is more realistic that existing big platforms would just eat up the userbase that leaves TikTok.


Same article as what I posted, mate

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TikTok has some serious privacy issues. There were in the media a couple of weeks ago.

But they hired a US CEO to clean a bit their image. But even so, there’s a lot of scrutiny around it.

But, I don’t think it will happen anything until they are getting real ad money because of the Facebook monopoly on social media. Facebook needs “a competitor” to show that they are in a competitive market. Personally, I think they might even use their lobby power to leave TikTok alone.

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No, you don’t understood. People from USA will use chinese proxies to connect to tiktok.

what privacy issues?
The media is a **** . it will say anything for $.
FB does not have privacy issues? All social media have.


You really think people wanna route all their traffic through 3rd party chinese proxies/vpns? I don’t think you have a good idea of that social media demographic. You can’t even stream Netflix while being on a chinese proxy. I would really don’t build my business plan on that bet, since you won’t be able to do anything useful with a chinese proxy, thanks to the golden shield. Please stay realistic. Tho I agree with you that any of the social media platforms have privacy issues.

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There is already Byte, by the creator of Vine. It’s pretty big.

I think that they are more changes coming in the next months, 2020 is just the best year ever :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Did everyone see that engagement and views have dropped on tiktok after india banned tiktok ? Could it be that they were feeding indian views to U.S audience ? If you were really noticing , you would know :grinning:


Damn, now that I was thinking of starting my Tiktok journey :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the message for Americans, choose visely in the future :smiley: