Is Twitter Automation and follow/unfollow still safe?

Hello I am just getting back into using JV I used to use MP a lot now I am wondering is it still safe to use?

yes of course, Twitter is one of the most flexible platforms when it comes to following/unfollow, just make sure to have low settings at first then start increasing them slowly day by day, make sure to have good quality proxies and you should be fine.

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can I start from an unwarmed account with low settings?

Yes, I suggest you keep your settings to maximum 50-70 follows and unfollows per day. Start with 10-20 as daily limits, then increase it daily until it reaches 50-70 per day. Using low settings is necessary to avoid getting shadowbanned. There’s Twitter new shadowban which causes the target accounts to not receive notifications when you follow them. You can check out these threads regarding the new shadowban:


Any tips on how to avoid and recover from this new shadowban? Been getting this a lot on most of my accounts new and old.

Same here, I believe what needed to be done is to give the account a good rest of few days ,haven’t checked it yet tho :frowning:

Same here. Getting back on automation starting with Twitter, 5 accs on home ip going with no problem (i started with around 100 follows per day and)

I’ve just had problems with contacting users on Twitter or mentioning them. I’ve got suspended real fast when using the same text message.

To recover from shadow ban just rest the account for a few days. For contacting users or mentions use a spintax so the text will be different for each message/mention.

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