Is twitter marketing dead?

Took a short break from looking at my twitter accounts only to see aged accounts suspended.
These accounts would routinely be locked up and that was as bad as it would get.

Question has to be asked… they’ve obviously changed things up at Twitter. Are the days numbered
for that platform?

Thoughts everyone?


You lost accounts ? I always thought that Twitter was easy compared to Instagram. The only thing I noticed some time ago is a limit to follow more than 5000 accounts if you have less followings.

Oh i hate Twitter :joy: i had 100~ good aged TW accounts with each 5K followers there was always problems with it.
1 day i just select all & delete problem solved :muscle:

Only Instagram :+1: This works better for me


I felt very motivated after I saw someones Google Analytics where he showed me that he got about 50 visitors a day with his Twitter account. I did the math, 1 acc 50 visitors, 100 acc 5000 visitors etc.

And no like blocks with Twitter! :grinning:


It seems instagram the only social network everybody and their mom is spamming. Facebook is dead, Twitter, tumblr, pinterest, all of these social network are forgotten for US now, lol.


Twitter isn’t dead, if you know how to leverage it ! :smiley:

Never had a block except PV. Despite of using multiple IPs by logging in from multiple locations and devices, no use of proxies and whatsoever. Just do some warmup and don’t spam with Twitter DMs.

Guess my Twitter accs are bullet proof and the engagement is doing great as well. Cheers to the one’s saying ‘XYZ is dead’ :smiley:

I grew 10 accounts awhile back and got alot of pv and email verifications at the beggining, then it went smooth after awhile, non of the accounts got blocked, But 10 twitter accounts with the same follow like settings as i had on ig gave the same traffic as 1 ig account lol… and the follow back ratio is horrendouse on there so i gave up. Holla at me if anyone want to buy 10 aged twitter accounts with around 1000 followers each btw.

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Facebook has a much larger audience than IG. IG is just easier for the beginner to spam because it’s more simple, but there are plenty of people spamming FB too.


Twitter still pulls in solid traffic to links for me.

From my personal experience, blogs do best on Twitter and Facebook, products do best on IG and Facebook.

I use my Facebook on daily basis . Long time I don’t see spammers by myself, posting in group is dead, growing a fanpage is not as easy as it was, it seems now that in order to grow a fanpage on Facebook you needs to be a real influencer, comedians etc. Adding people to your personal account and the promote the stuff to them is what more or less could be working. For now the only thing that could be working on Facebook is to find a viral cool cheap item and promote them using fb ads

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I work with many people that prove this to not be true. :slight_smile:

You’re telling me the only way all the large accounts are growing are by facebook ads?

If you looks closely all those big pages growing are like big circle of influencer which are helping each other’s to grow, it seems they all knows in real life.

This is networking. :wink:

Once you have a page with decent engagement, you can just message other large pages in that niche asking to trade shares. Method is still working for me.

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Are you posting video of yourself making jokes or just reposting other stuff ?

Nothing of myself, I’m too ugly. :wink: I try to credit the photographer/owner/model though.

Why didnt you sell them?

Don’t want to sell bad accounts also i used the same emails for instagram accounts.

Twitter is too loud/busy. Having to post every 2 hours on Twitter is much more difficult than posting 2 times in 24 hours on Instagram. Also, Twitter has become WAY too strict. The only way I can see Twitter being beneficial now is if you have 10-15 accounts following a maximum of 150 people per. day. Age of the account doesn’t seem to matter anymore and neither does warming up an account.

I dunno, having a P.V request from Twitter every single day gets really annoying after a while, it’s why I stopped trying to grow my Twitter accounts and started to just maintain the follower base I have built up across my accounts.

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How profitable is Twitter vs Instagram?

I saw someone getting about 50 visitors a day from Twitter on his website. I thought it was very good. Especially because he did it with 1 account.

I usually get a Page RPM of about E 10 with Google Adsense. So 100 accounts -> 5000 visitors, should be 50 Euro a day. 200 accounts 100 Euro a day ?

All theoretically ofcourse. Also depends on how the traffic converts and being able to also get 50 visitors a day from 1 account.