Is using # the best way to F + U

Very new to the game and I see everyone recommends Jarvee but im just using instapy. Ive gained 4000 followers since December when i started and I’m following based off of pictures in #s and comments on the pictures of the TOP section of these #s. I use around 60-70 #'s and the bot only uses 7r random ones at a time.

I was wondering if this is the best way to F +U. I understand everyone has different methods but i feel like searching through #'s isn’t the most effetcive way to grow. Ive only grown 4000 followers in 3 months and feel like the account may be what they called “Shadow Bannned” but like some days i go on it and i cant like any photos or follow people because i have hit my daily limits.

Are these daily limits banning me?

How many different types of bans are there and what are they for?

Thanks to whoever responds i just found this fourm and as someone new to this scene its awesome to have so much free high quality infromation

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Do you follow/unfollow people based on hashtags?
Hashtags are randomly used by everybody,you can have #nature hashtag on someone posting a picture of their dog.
That is the worst way to use follow/unfollow.
You should focus on following followers of biger accounts in your niche.You are going for targeted followeres interested in your niche.


yes im F +U based on the #'s but my question is when you follow based on a User arent you following mianly other spam accounts/ businesses wouldn’t you get the least amount of engangemnet from someones Followers? espically casue there are just so many fake followers on almost every insta account

if you follow the user of a user, in a good niche and the other account has good stats, that should return people that probably are interested in your account too.
What’s your setting? you may be pushing to much, avoid doing to many action. Content quality is still the key.
If you have only 1 account almost any software is ok.

well right now im using instapy on 2 accounts on a server hosted at my home.

I post sports highlights of basketball games on my account for content not the best niche i know.

But my bot does this currently

  1. Follows and likes 14 photos based off of 70 #'s in my niche
    So it takes 7 #'s randomly out of 70 and likes and follows 2 photos randomly in each
  2. Follows 15 people based on the comments section of the 70 hashtags.
    So takes 1 # and goes through 5 TOP photos comments and follows 3 people in each photo
  3. Follows and likes 14 photos based off of smart hashtags generated by 70 #'s
    So it takes 7 #'s and generates 2 smart hashtags (just a new hashtag-based off the initial tag) and goes in and follows and likes 2 photos of each # smaty hashtag

than I run unfollow script and it restarts and follows people again going through random #'s

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Have you used Jarvee before? If you have why are you using InstaPy vs. Jarvee?

Ive never used Jarvee I do all the coding on Instapy because it’s free Not looking to spend money outside of the domain name. I do all my own hosting coding everything

Jarvee just looks like a paid version of instapy I can access all the features of Jarvee in Instapy it seems

Yeah, this is very true. Only exceptions I’ve found is if the hashtag is niche enough that it will likely only get people posting with that hashtag who are likely to be from within that niche of people that you’re trying to target. E.g. if you’re targeting people who buy cameras (this may not be the best random example for this as I don’t do this niche) but instead of targeting #camera which has 24 million photos including ones of dogs and some guy playing baseball, you could target #cameraassistant or #cameracrew or #cameraoperator, or even camera models like #sonya7iii because that likely means they’re a proper photographer. I do this with some of my things, particularly when doing geo-location because you can hone in on a bunch of very specific hashtags that only people from in that city who truly like that niche would post about. (e.g. #newyorkphotographer and many similar)

But anyway, you may not use that, just sharing for others who may benefit, so otherwise best suggestion is this:

Edit: I should note though on some accounts I’ve thrown on some more generic hashtags and they’ve passed the minimum followback ratio that I want them to so they can stay as a source of less priority - but they aren’t as effective compared to follow followers of sources.

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Except anything tagged NYC or LA is 90% spam from everywhere else, so never use those hashtags for anything ever again :rofl:


Hashtags generally get you the most targeted. However, since you are targeting #basketball as @florin22xxl mentioned,

People hashtag stuff. So you need to have a really complete set of negative keywords to help narrow it down to just people who are really posting about #basketball.

As @florin22xxl also mentioned, following followers of niche accounts will gain the best followback ratio. They might not be into #basketball as much as they are into the person in the niche etc, but if sheer numbers are what you are after, then target followers of niche accounts. You’ll grow faster.

Shadow banned means a reduced or completely reduced reach. Often it will lead to only your followers seeing your posts. But with the new algo, it can push your posts down even farther in their feed. You can get to 0% visibility in extreme cases.

Hitting daily limits are very different. Instagram limits the number of actions you can do per day and per hour. Every action carries a different “weight” and has different limits because of it.

When you can’t like or follow, you are blocked because you can’t tell that you are overdoing it. JARVEE allows you to see where you might be going wrong much more easily.

Yes, yes they are. But not banning, they are preventing you from doing actions. They are called “blocks”. Keep it up and your account gets flagged and you can’t do anything anymore.

There are only banned GTFO out of here bans. As in, “You lost your account now BTFO and make a new one and start from scratch.”

Everything else is a block/flag and they occur at different levels.

IG rolls out new updates all the time. Do you sit there and sniff packets whenever there is a change at IG or something stops working? The JARVEE dev team does, and corrects it. Do you want to risk your valuable pages to an ACTUAL ban because the code is wrong one day?

If you are trying to grow your website, JARVEE also offers you other abilities. Pinterest, Twitter etc. And you never have to code. You also get a GUI to schedule posts etc. Having social signals from multiple social sites is better for SEO and increases your reach.

There is actually a lot of evidence that doing too many actions per day will reduce your reach. There are better methods than f/uf out there, and no way in heck are you going to accomplish it with your homemade bot.

Sorry, these are some hard truths.

JARVEE has a free trial. I would suggest trying.

EDIT: Had accidentally hit send so I made some adjustments. So sue me.


Yeah okay. Yeah, so that’s what I mean by it may not have been the best example. But I’m in Australia and I’m doing more niche topics where those types of hashtags are from highly relevant people, so they work well. So I’d say it only works for a combination of the right city and niche.


I know :stuck_out_tongue: Just pointing it out for anyone reading this who might want to try using that hashtag. Just look out for anything NYC related to be totally spam filled garbage. I know, because I live here and it’s torture finding local hashtags for real people living here. Makes my life miserable.


why would i sue you man ive never recieved such great advice

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Until you decide whats better for you, use this to determine your number of actions per day/hour. I suggest staying at 40 per hour regardless.

Don’t use “like after follow” and “like” at the same time. Choose one or the other.

Good luck with your bot.