[ISSUE] Sign up error

Hello guys , so i have been trying multiple methods to create new ig accounts from my 4g sim card , and nonseems to be working .
first a sign up error shows up , and when i try to login to the account instagram indicates that the account was dsiabled.

  • i tried to change the sim card .
  • i tried to change the device .
  • My ip changes every time i activate airplane mode .
  • tried different email providers ( Gmail - outlook )

any thoughts ?

Have you tried doing a factory reset for the mobile that you are using?
Also try:
-Factory reset
-Create gmail account on the reseted mobile using the play store if android
-Install and create instagram
-Verify email


Yes ! , i even went further and tried with a new device .

What does a factory reset delets actually? I’m trying to create multiple gmail accounts atm. Can I keep my apps on the phone when I do a factory reset?

@AbuBakr I still not tried to creat the IG accounts, will keep you updated

Factory reset as implies, it resets the device fully, it’s print, any remaining app data etc.
Basically you have a “new” device every time you reset the mobile leaving no print on the accounts. (theoretically)

I think not, but at the same time why would you?
Buy a cheap ass android and use it just for account creation.


Its not a new device it’s the same device (IMEI) thats a big difference. There is just no data on it. But it’s exactly the same device

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Please notice the quote marks around the “new”.


Okay thanks. And then whats the difference to a hard reset when a factory reset already deletes everything?

I have one just for account creation but I have apps like app cloner and the cloned Instagram from it and that would take much more time to install them again every time.

I have my doubts too, that Gmail / Google does not detect me when I just reset the phone. Everytime they ask for my phone number.

No offense bro.

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I’ve been creating some accounts recently on a old android device, and I always do it in the order above with no problems, and i was not even once asked for a mobile number.
I’m using it to create gmail accounts.

Edit: also I stick to a simple rule: Reset 1 gmail | 1 instagram -> Reset

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But in my opinion with a new Ip and a new device. It just has to work. (Edit: but there is Maybe an ISP related bigger issue)

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Okay so you have another setup.
I tried to create mine with this method below.
But what is with the IDs of the phone? They do not change when you factory reset the phone dont they?

Not really a set up, I just keep things simple. But yes it is not really an option for mass creation but if you want to create like 5-10 accounts per day it is enough in my opinion.

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Thats exactly what I want to do. Im happy and thankful when I manage to create a good amount (10-20) per day with good quality.

But you have to install Instagram APK again. And the IDs are the same does Google / Instagram not recognize that?

I had a 0 instant ban rate so far, so either they do not give a f*** or this method just works for some unknown reason to me.
I’m thinking that they key part is that, I do not go to gmail.com for the mail. I create it by going into the device Play Store and I create the gmail through it. Then I just install the Instagram from the store and that’s it.


So for your method the phone has not be rooted actually right?
I did this through the Gmail app too. Why do you go to the play store when Gmail is on the phone already?

Well if you have changed anything but the SIM then it is probably your SIM card. Or are you logging into play store to download IG? Make sure you also remove google ad ID.
Last idea… can you create an IG account with a friend’s phone at the same place/location as you try with your phone? --> If so… maybe you leave a fingerprint by just being “unique” by the apps you have on your phone plus the IP range which you have recently used.

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I have only one sim card so yes its always the same sim. I didnt downloaded anything from the play store, I always downloaded the apks from the browser (not google chrome). But when you create a gmail account it connects to the play store.

You mean removing google ad id in the settings of the phone? I reseted it but it didnt helped.

And I always used a new IP for every account.

I did change the sim , it worked for 1 account only after that sign up errors again , and yes I tried with my friend’s phones and it worked .

so… if it worked on your friend’s phone you have a trace what to work on…