Issues accounts instagram

instagram has started blocking a lot of accounts … I think they’ve updated, I do not know what methods we’ll use for promotion


Yes, there was an update. The interface changed a bit obviously. Instagram blocked accounts in the past and they will in the future. We have to go on learning, testing and increasing our skills because Instagram wont change this behaviour.


It’s normal man, they are changing day by day and we have to follow their algorithms.


I have lot of like block these times ! (safe settings)

So as @roy say, we have to go forward, to improve our skills everyday !

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It’s only going to get harder as time goes on…

can you help me with some settings for dm? how safe to say …

Do you need to put a link in these DMs ?

Just like the world in which we live, Instagram changes. We need to adapt to those changes in order to continue our IG journey. Like @roy said, it’s by trial and error that we will adapt and improve. It’s like keeping up with Instagram updates so that we can continue to grow on the platform.

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I think it’s generally best to mitigate these issues by continuous testing to work out how you can get the desired results while doing less actions. Focus on the follow back ratio for example…

yes i have to put a link in DM. can you help me with some settings?

It isn’t really the settings, but my tip for you, is to use a really intelligent Spintax and try to send 66% dms with link and 33% without. I was in the adult niche and I send more than 100Dms a day with this method, but I have to admit my spintax was really amazing haha, if you have this great guide : [Guide] Building complex spintax

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thankyou raphael