Issues creating new Instagram accounts

I have over 50 private proxies. Each is running 1 or two accounts on MP. When I open the embedded browsers, go to Instagram homepage to create a new profile, I enter all my info and get the “oops, something went wrong message”. I even use a new email, username and password. I have tried over 20 of my proxies that are currently valid and keep getting same message from Instagram. Any body know why I can not create any new accounts?

Have you tried creating on a new proxy? Not the one that is already being used by your accounts.

not yet, i have like 55 proxies and i really don’t want to buy any more right now if i don’t have to

In most cases, though you are currently using the proxy on your accounts and things are all good, when you get that message from Instagram, it’s still about the proxy. You can either try creating again on the same proxy after 2-3 days or you can get a new proxy and do it from there.

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Just FYI, IG can not allow creating account with IPv6, please check your proxies…

When you create a new ig profile in ig and add the proxy to it, before creating the account on ig click on Verify - this will set the proxy on that profile, go check in the embedded browser if the proxy is set. Then you can create the new account.

Not working. I have fresh dedicated proxies…two accounts already running. Trying to make a third one and got the message.

Maybe IG changed something? I’ll try to use a new proxy without any accounts.

Try out this website and see what’s wrong :smile:

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What? I know that i check the IP before i’m create an account.

Most likely the proxy is ban by instagram for creating accounts.Don’t buy anymore proxies all will have this issue.You need new proxies that have never been used for instagram,wich is almost imposible to guarantee unless you actualy know the people selling you the proxies.
Find other method to create accounts.

That would be shitty… hm…

Yes I already do that, same issue

I also verify the proxy first, still does not let me create new profile

What’s is ipv6? The proxies I have are already running other accounts so i know they work, just no good at creating new ones

not sure how that will tell me if they are good at creating new ig accounts…

Tested with a private proxy (self build on ovh) and got the same issue in MP.

what does self build on ovh mean? also, are you not able to create accounts either?

I created a VPS and used this fresh IP for a Account creation on MP.

Doesn’t work. Same error.

so how on earth are we to continue to create new accounts?

There are some other methods. Gonna check it.