Issues logging into new accounts?

Are there any known issues currently while logging into Jarvee?

Unable to login any new account - says Oops an error occured - code 100


can you share a screenshot of the error, did you try to login using the EB?

I can’t even login them on phone on most devices. #instagramdown

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are you trying it on android or IOS devices? with the official app?

whats strange is that you don’t see any complaings on downdector or so - so it i don’t know if its really an IG down issue

There are complaints on downdetector and in fact check recent comments. EB is completely fine. I’m using android using official app

ok cause on IOS its working

tried logging in on phone ig app, also showing unknown network occurred.

I have the same error. Stuck on INITIALIZING

but if you try login to EB it works

The login error seems to be on other tools too not only JV, can’t get to the screen to send the code

Allows entry from EB only

who has an android phone? can you try to login these accounts there? cause on my side it working on ios not on android

Tested on two android phone with two different accounts --> I can login.

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Mixed results. Just made an account a few minutes ago. Could login on multiple phones. Once I put the exact details in for both softwares I run, got a 500 error code. Likely on IG’s end. probably linked to the errors with account recovery.

Normal users are posting on reddit about this:

The OP on that reddit said that he can create new accounts and log them in.


Same here, i’m using some private bot for scraping data and currently my accounts are having a login problem, could be that Instagram are updating something right now.

Contacted devs about this earlier. They are aware of it and are currently investigating.

When we say investigating it sound funny. Instagram is having an internal problem and as you said I hope it gets fixed soon

already fixed

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Maybe they were not aware of the internal error IG had. Do you still get the same issue? Logging in works fine now on my side.

Yesterday i coulnd’t log on my phone all day,today it worked.
I guess it was IG issue.