J Phone automnation software

I wish J’s developers could write a script for phones where they can give us all those features but can run it using the Instagram official app.

Manually I can follow more than 200 accounts in a day whereas I am struck with errors ( 508 , 168 ) in J where I get continuous blocks. I have used all types of proxies, did everything possible which their support team asked but nothing is working.

I wish there was a way to request them to do something related to the phone when neither EB nor API is working.

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This means they can’t 100% simulate a phone to automate things. When doing actions on my phone I can do up to 500 follows in 10 minutes without any blocks. But in bot this almost impossible…

500 follows in 10 min. I call shenanigans…(even if manual)


500 follows in 10 min. I call shenanigans…(even if manual)

It’s more than one second per button click… Even a grandma can do.

hard to believe IG lets you do 500 follows at once in 10min. Been there done that, never succeeded. I’m running J without issues or blocks (maybe a few out of hundreds) so i’m with @Paradox


@SahibSingh Please dont use the full name of softwares. Read the rules


It’s just my real experiences. Just for your references, believe or not is up to you.

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I will keep that in mind, sorry I am new here. Thank you for correcting me.

Try to change your topic also and correct it all

You can follow 500 times without getting a ‘’ hard block’’, but those follows wont count, manually u can safely follow 100-120, anything more and Instagram wont count them as follows (Your following number will just go down).

J support:

“J is designed to leave no trace of its presence so no one will know you are using it. What can leave a trace is the way you set it up, so just make sure you don’t do too many actions and make sure you make your account look as natural as possible.”

I think this is :cow::poop:

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too confident of their software…

Bro, I can’t even follow 1 person without error 508 which was not the case before their update. I don’t know why you are so confident about the software. They need to make changes in both EB and API to sustain otherwise it is all going to end soon.

if you can’t follow 1 person you do something wrong

  1. use EB only
  2. clear cookies
  3. reset you device id
  4. log out and login to the EB
    hope it helps you
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No one can use it normally, everyone is. We can’t change anything as a user.
The problem has risen to the duel between developers and developers.

Bro thats the issue I have done the same. I was even on team viewer with one of the support guy and he said they have noted the issue and will start working on it. I have resetted my ID 2 time already and i don’t want to do that anymore.

I really appreciate you advising me the right things to do.

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https://mpsocial.com/t/i-can-automate-anything-for-you/66716/33 I can create a bot that would perform the actions through an android simulator if that works better?

I am really sorry I don’t have access to the topic yet.

That will be amazing can you explain a little bit more about it?

its ok to do it again don’t worry
maybe try to increase the delay time between action :thinking:

and if possible change your ip or proxy

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