JARVEE 4g proxies for a beginner

Hey! I am going to start using JARVEE for creating and managing child accounts. I don’t know how to create and manage 4G proxy using smartphone without getting blocked. I know its a very basic question but the information on the internet is really confusing. I hope if anyone can help me. Thanks for your time.


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How many accounts are you trying to operate?

If you are new to the “game” I would not recommend creating accounts yourself (at least not as a requirement for getting started).


@Ashutosh_Mishra You could definitely try to create accounts, but it will not be fun. I would definitely try managing accounts first and once you understand how Instagram tracks spam you can start experimenting on account creation.

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I agree. I think it’s better to buy aged HQ accounts for your child accounts.
If you want to run <10 child accounts in Jarvee on your laptop, you can buy data plan on your phone, then use the phone’s Internet connection on your laptop instead of creating your own proxy.

is your goal is to create accounts then sale/grow them or something else, what are you trying to achieve exactly ?

I have managed few child accounts manually but never on Jarvee Automation. I got good results with those 2 child accounts.
Now I am planning to take it to 10 accounts through automation.
Should I buy proxies from proxy providers or should I make them myself ? I have seen people talking about 4G proxies but I have never got a solution to manage them on JARVEE.

I managed few child and mother accounts before and have a slight idea about how spam works. But those were built normally on my own Instagram app without any proxy. I now want to create some of them using proxies and automate them. What would you suggest ?

I am working for a client who is creating good content on his mother account. I want to create child accounts to get more traffic on his mother account.

I have already created many accounts from my phone and my laptop so I think I have crossed the threshold. I have use to proxy now. What would you suggest ?

If you are able to cycle your local residential IP via a modem reset and you put those accounts on different shifts, you could get away with your local residential IP. Then you would not need to buy proxies.


This might be of interest :point_up:

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Wait 1-2 days before trying to create more accounts. If IG still doesn’t let you create more accounts, I would suggest you buy aged HQ accounts from an accounts provider (accounts created with 4G mobile proxies).