Jarvee best settings and blocks solution for Nov 19 🤖

Hey Jarvee people!

just want to say hello and share with you some of my results for today with Jarvee for Instagram,

many people think it was the end of Jarvee with IG, but here you can see that it actually can work great and even get to the daily limit:



So how to do that?

I use mostly the EB for follow/unfollow actions, try to be very human with max 20 actions per hour max 200 per day, use the full browser experience for emulate human activity and thinking outside the box, that the key! also verify my locations after re-login throw the EB, works really good: slight_smile:

I hope my video will help you all - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYuwin9edFI&t=3s


*I also testing at the moment the like tool, after the new experiment of FB with hiding them all, every like is count!
*Proxies - 4G that what works for me

*After getting many requests on private - if you want my personal help with 1/1 teaching or taking care of your accounts/Whitelabel service - just scedule a call with me in the link below https://calendly.com/adi-asktolik/15min :


Is that works by using ISP?

Thank you so much for sharing, do you have any idea with sending DMs to followers?


Really appreciate it with the little tweaks!


Thanks !
May i know if is it possible to see the skip rate of the sources I have selected? For example, how many accounts are skippered due to the exclusion parameters I have chosen ?


You run ~20 accounts, correct?

are you using your own 4g proxy?

Hey thanks for your sharing. Could i know how long your 4G proxy change IP ? Or Static IP ?

don’t work for me

Thanks, but 90EURO for 4g proxy ? I can sell you Israeli one much cheaper :()
Also I don’t think you get the FBE, this is not for instagram it is used for FACEBOOK PIXEL pages so they know you been visiting a page by FB pixel tracking so add zap.co.il for example.
I will use the hashtag search, but don’t they do it anyway in follow tool ?

Jarvee :slight_smile:

EB only, max 1 message per 1 hour, max 10 per the first days, only using the extract tool and extracting my own follwoers, the send dm’s to new follwoers mostly doesn’t works in my case

I don’t think it’s possible but you can check it with Jarvee suport :slight_smile:

much more :slight_smile:
that’s only 2 photos of a part from few servers, our agency mostly do white label with many companies that can not deal with Jarvee any more

Air Proxy :slight_smile:

30-60m rotation :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:
and I don’t see the FBE like that, you do the Hstagas research and scraper users, you don’t go to your feed/inbox or just scrolling like a human without any actions if you don’t set it up correctly, that what I think and it works well :slight_smile:


Why does extracting followers for DM’s work but not DM’s to new followers? That’s what you’re saying right? @Adi_Ankonina

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any compromised/email verification? 1proxy for how many acc?

Great job. I was ready to hate because it looked like someone got 20 accounts without blocks. :grin:

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