Jarvee best settings and blocks solution for Nov 19 🤖


Good job as always


hey it would be great if you share your settings here in screenshots. tool and profile advanced settings.
I saw the video and some settings are missed in that.


Appreciate the contribution. Thanks


Thanks for the share! he confirm login hack should comes in handy :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for this. Just set this up on an account I’ve started working with so will see how it goes x


@Adi_Ankonina May I ask what do you do when there is a temp block? And how do you warm up accounts?


Once in a while, I use 5-6 accounts on 1 4G proxy


Hey there :slight_smile:
for the profile settings - that mosly what I do: https://www.screencast.com/t/P0OT8J0CC
for follow/unfollow/likes - I do the max of 20 actions per 1 hour, working on the day time of the account country based, give long sleep time of 20-60 minutes and try to be as the account holder used to be.
I don’t share my specip settings because I do cahnge it from account to account and I think the most important part here it the startgy and the “outside of the box” thinking, if I will share all my settings with you and you copy that and many others will happen 2 things:

  1. IG will see that very fast and all of our accounts will get blocked
  2. You don’t really test it out and find they way to make it work, this is what is atuomation all about, learning, testing , scaling and adapting new changes fast! the lat update of IG was on the 25th by the way.
    I hope your understand me friend :slight_smile:


I do relogin and apprve the last location like you can also see in the video I show that on live :slight_smile:
warm up - start very very very sloe with 10-20 actions per day and increase it slowly with around 15-30 actions per day up to 200


Hey Adi!

Do you run accounts on the same proxy at the same time?



Thank you for sharing your 2 cent. I tried watching your video, but the sound was very unclear, and maybe I could kindly ask you to go a bit slower, as it seemed like you jumped back and forth some places in your video, which made it hard to catch up.
I believe I heard you say in the video minute 3.34 that you use the main to scrape, but later I realised minute 4.22 in your video, when scrolling that you have scraper accounts. This was kind of confusing? Are you scraping directly on the mains or do you have scraper accounts setup for each main? Or perhaps your scraper accounts are only used for those main accounts who seem to have a problem scraping?
But the subjects you covered are all relevant. Thank you for putting time in to this and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. And you making videos is more informative than screenshots. Keep up the great job @Adi_Ankonina


Yes! max 5-6 accounts on the same proxy , just make sure they don’t start and stop at the same time.
you can set up diffrent night times for each one of them to make it clear :slight_smile:


Well, I remember I had blocks when two accounts on the same proxy perfomed an action on (for example) 1:22:35 PM , at the same second. It can happen when you don’t use precise intervals, but good to hear you had no problem with that. :+1:


how about if account getting hard block for 5-15days?


The goal is to have get follower in quality.
With Jv, I want follow people who will have an maximum engagement in my account in the future, which data i must analyse to apply the right filters?
Thanks you


Hey Micky and thank you!
I am sorry that you can not fully understnd me with my English and the sounds, hope to make it better soon :slight_smile:
for most of my account I do scrape with API for them self and doing follow/unfollow cations with the EB and only for the accounts with many API issues - I do scraping with another account yes you are right :slight_smile:


15 days? that is crazy!
3-7 days blocks is what I saw - just keep him to rest a bit


Hey friend,I think this video can help you more :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8GknNxlsu8&t=336s


Hi Adi,

Great videos as always!

Just a question… Have you seen any difference since the big down time we had earlier?


Thanks a lot! appriciate that :slight_smile:
now all is working like before the big down :slight_smile: