Jarvee best settings and blocks solution for Nov 19 🤖


Thank you for your reply. And by the way your english is excellent and very easy to understand for me. I was just mentioning the sound of the video, which was unclear. But I saw your video twice, and figured things out. Thank you again for great content. Please keep them coming :slightly_smiling_face::pray:


I’ll find out tomorrow when all tools are active.

I hope there’s improvements.


did you mean its normal? getting hard block? 3-7days?
are you getting this too?


It coulde happen yes when you are using Jarvee, it also happened to me, just need to be very carfull and try your best to look as human as you can


What should I do if I need a verification code?


if we got hard block. we just stop the tools? and running again with same follow and unfollow settings / what?


Hi, do you have a website? I am interested to let you run my company IG account, I wanna know what’s pricing?


Hi Ada,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have only one account and it doesnt work scrapping on the same account as F/UF. So I have to stay below the API radar. Now I have two questions as I didnt see those settings in your video.

1 If you work with scrapers, how do you skip own followers if you dont work with filters? Do you work with black list? Would using the black list (filled with all your followers) also cost you API-actions?

2 How do you unfollow without filtering? I dont want to unfollow followers who are engaging a lot with my content. If I filter “Dont unfollow likers/ commenters” would that cost a lot of API?



just sent it to your phone/email and verify the account throw Jarvee :slight_smile:


Hey mandc if you have hard block of follow+unfollow block yes stop the account and start again warm it up with 20-30 actions max per day for the start,
you must also test it out to see what’s working the best for your accounts.
its a lot of trust score game in these days


Hey there!
thank you for your offer, I am working on my new website on these days and I would love to hear more details about your company account - what is all about, what are your goals and also to understand the history of your account to make it work for the best.
first - feel free to join my FB community for Jarvee(and all of you also!!) - /https://www.facebook.com/groups/jarvee/

second - I charge 200$ for 1 month using Jarvee for unfollow/follow actions, on average we are getting 500-1000 new high quilty followers per month :slight_smile:


Hey Shawn :slight_smile:you have some great questions, sure I will explain:

  1. when you use a scrpaer you must also extract the followers of your account and them make them on the blacklist of your scraper, you can do that with this tool over here- https://www.screencast.com/t/jeyfTihQJbNp

  2. I see what you mean but honestly - I believe in unfollow them all, because eventually, you want to have a bigger number on your followers then your followings, so I don’t do this filters when I am using the scrape account, you can also do that by using each one of your last post with the scraping tool but that too much work as I see that, and yes if you do the Don’t unfollow likers/ commenters - a lot of API calls/


Miss Ankonina, You are the best help!

  1. Thanks. Blacklist seems to work APi-low. Would love to auto-update the blacklist somehow. Maybe with another scrapper account that is following all followers of Main account. It should contain the latest followers on topof the extracted users list as far as I understand. Manually I could add them to blacklist as weekly maintenance. Manual… but I dont see a way to to send it to blacklist rather than source automaticly.

  2. I have an account in art/photography and I have lots of accounts I dont want to unfollow because we engage or I tag and follow Hubs for a chance to be featured… I guess a manual whitelist should be used. I tried using the IG close friends but it cost lots of API as well and after 5 minutes searching I turned it off even before the first UF was done. More than 1000 API actions appeared in J…

So I guess your UF-Filter settings are just a check at the first box (UF all) and second (outside J) if necessary.

And one more question. :slight_smile: I was curious in your adv. account settings you have turned on the alternative browser cookie something option on (it says in brackets check with support). What are the advantages on this option?
Thanks again! Awesome Post!!:+1:


Thank you Shwnn!
for 1+2 - I do agree with you but I really think it’s to much work,
I would try to scrape with the main account the usernames even with max of 100 actions per day, it will save a lot of time :slight_smile:
for the adv.settings - with some account I do check this box ,it’s also on Jarvee defeult because it cause to less blocks as I test :slight_smile:


How to avoid to scrap again the same user if the main account have already follow or unfollow?



My scrape accounts manage to follow (scrape) 800 per hour with no issues ever.

I’m using only Optimise Api. Not full emulation.


Thanks again Adi!


how is it going with the account?


mine still get hard temporary block.even stop the tools for 10days…and change with api or eb and still get hard block again. its never stoped


Fascinating… After yesterday’s down time my accounts were currently stuck in Compramised but now this morning they’re fine.

To add to this, some accounts got hard blocked but just for 1 day. I’ve never seen just 1 day. So from 4 or 7 days hard block to now 1 day hard block. Im happy with that! :smiley: