Jarvee Computer Purchase

So I got Jarvee I own a Mac it only has 8mb RAM but I run super power programs like Final Cut Pro and Logic no problem so I don’t really care to upgrade. I’m aware I can get a dedicated server as Jarvee needs to run the whole time but what I was thinking was to just purchase an old Windows Computer. So I read some of the Jarvee recommendation but I’m just trying to figure out what kind of computer would you recommend? I just want some cheap thing because I’ll just use it for this.

How many IG accounts do you plan on running in Jarvee? The recommended PC/VPS specs depend on how many accounts you will run.

If you are thinking about running >100/200 accounts without too many freezes, forget about cheap things.
If just 10 - 50 accounts, then it’s doable

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That’s the guy above me said it really comes down to how many accounts do you want to run and what you want to do with them

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Just 10-50 for the foreseeable future

Honestly go with an vps!

The problem with VPS is you have to run it the whole time

Not more than 50

Either way you have to run it the whole time … Jarvee won’t work on a turned OFF computer

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Cause your computer run 24/7, should buy a new computer.

The cheapest short term approach is a server or VPS. My gaming computer that costs %3.5k can’t even run 70 accounts on JV anymore. A year ago my crappy old laptop could run 100. So, Jarvee is clearly doing something to make the cpu usage high.

You could try run the accounts on api on your current setup and see how that goes. But it will need to be on 24/7 to get results.

Exactly I realized it wasn’t the proxies I took the 30 scrapers I had loaded off and then it was very easy to reprofile but I don’t want to leave my $2500 MacBook Pro running all the time and I don’t want the computer compromised which is why I made this post. Still waiting for one response about a cheap laptop I can buy and recommend specs. Last time I checked a windows laptop was pennies to a Mac unless you are doing some nerd game setup

I am a nerd partly so I don’t mean that in an inflammatory way

Yes the point here is I don’t want to run my Mac which I use to record music and many things I don’t want to run it 24/7 so the vps requires my computer on all the time the dedicated server is way too expensive unless I did this for others. So like it says I wanted an idea for a cheap computer with specs. Best Buy had computers with 4/8 gb not too expensive. However my Mac is 8gb and a very fast processor 2.9ghz. Only two core but I haven’t been doing much at this point and Jarvee is very slow. So that’s my thoughts and questions. The RAM etc specs I just imagined you guys would do that makes sense have a cheap computer otherwise you are ruining it

I bought it to run jarvee better but most computer’s aren’t built for lots of tasks happening at once. A gaming laptop is built for graphics and video output of one thing.

While jarvee requires hundreds of things happening at once. Which requires a cpu with lots of cores. My server has 26 cores and 160gb ram. My laptop is octacore and 64gb ram.

A mac can handle single process software like final cut pro etc but not jarvee.

Also if your mac cost 2.5k and only has 8gb ram you got ripped off. You couldn’t even run photoshop on that. My phone has 64gb ram.

If its a new apple pro then it run 30 accounts and scrapers don’t do anything to cpu unless you have them doing eb actions. My crap computer can run 30.

Are you using a vps? Vps stay on the whole time. If you are using a VM then it will turn. Off there is a big difference.

Have some reading about how VPS/VDS work, because your computer doesn’t need to be ON all the time ; that’s actually the goal of these servers = being able to run 24/7 on their end.

You can rent a server for very cheap < 20$/month, which will be probably better than using your own machines :slight_smile:

What the fuck man aha, you meant your laptop I guess
All what he said is so true, you’re lucky that @heroeslair already digged it all for you, months of drilling there


for that number of accounts, you can get a computer with 6 GB RAM and 4 core CPU and it should work very smootly

Thank you Luca this was the only answer I was looking for

I am not one to get ripped off in anything unless people offer something and don’t follow through. My Mac is not brand new but it was the top one at the time. I always get the stacked options so they last longer as technology changes and don’t outdated as quickly that being said my point is still obvious you can get a cheap windows computer you cannot get a cheap Mac