Jarvee For Instagram | Best Settings January | Follow Settings [2020 update]

I had the same issues too in the beginning but her methods for the block workaround resolved the issue. It also helps to run story viewer and saves for a few days to warm up the account.

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which proxies do you use?

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many people appreciate your help but on other way @Adi_Ankonina - you feed just Instagram spies and what works now then won’t be work forever.


Hi Adi,

its really impressfull what you make. But not really smart. I dont know how long you will continue to make this.

But in the end you make so much work just for some views on Youtube. Im also missing really important information that JV works really well. So in the end if somebody that are really new on this topic the will have on long term problems with the Account and the are destroying the Trust level.

You know about the new KI/AI of Facebook and Instagram. The know what you are texting on FB Group and the fix really fast all what you realise on that. And than you have the problem to find a new way how to keep running your Accounts. And with this tutorial I can see that you dont fount out how it works to 100% so in short future you will have a big issue. Or you dont share all your knowledge in the hope that the people makes this mistake and you can make your money. I just want to warn you because it looks like that you are a lovely person. But work smart not hard.

Make your own community make your own website where you share this information. Dont allow the scraper to find this pages. There you can share all your experience on a save why without destroying your result. You will never be stronger and smarter than Facebook or Instagram. The have more Money = Power and the best people from the IT sector.

I wish you success in 2020 and please please think about your strategic how to find and make customers and how you share you Information.

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Want to delete this.

Adi, are you working for Facebook and Instagram?

Can you stop saying BS and doing multi posts? I only read 4 sentences and I was already bored by all non senses you made.


This sound just BS for people the dont know how it works. :wink:

Take your pills man, there are communities of tens of thousands of people in the Eastern Europe, India and Russia that are far beyond what anyone has shared here, JV is a kids tool.


Going on from what some particular people have said earlier about Facebook groups: we are small fish to instagram. They don’t need to scavenge through Facebook groups, the automation people can do is only as good as the capabilities of the tools they’re using. Instagram can find out a lot more by just purchasing a subscription of Jarvee and reverse engineering the software, but then again they probably don’t even do that.

Instagram are a lot more relaxed in terms of spying on people than we realise. As they update their software to counteract automation more and more, we will run into problems whether those updates have been specifically made to combat our methods or not, it’s just going to happen.

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Hey :slight_smile: at the start I’m only do the warm up with 1 tool - follow//unfollow and then when it’s all good after a week I run them bith at the same time.

Hey! the DM’s are working great for me when I use only the EB and send them to my followings throw the extract tool.

Hey there, do you speak about the reposting tool or the campaigns where you schedule some posts?
for me the reposting is working great if you only want to scedule your content - the best will be to use the FB creator - https://business.facebook.com/creatorstudio

Teo thank you for your comment!
and yes I agree that some accounts can perform better with 1 way and others in another way, at the moment whats working for most of my accounts it’s the “Use only the EB” + scraper.

Hey there, I use mostly 4G proxies for my clients accounts, explain it all here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbEvETZRds0&t=66s

Hey there, I must say that I also used to think like that in the past but today I realized that my videos actually don’t make the different, I wish I had such a big impact :slight_smile:
IG knows about Jarvee and all of the automation tools, they know what we are doing and how and honestly, it’s extremely easy for them to shut it all down. how do I know that?
I read all of this article over here - https://research.fb.com/publications/following-their-footsteps-characterizing-account-automation-abuse-and-defenses/
we just play to their hands when we making actions and make people stay more on their platform(to check who follow them etc).
you are totally right about the fact that what’s working today wouldn’t work forever, this is the new game since June as I see that.
last thing - the most top secrets with Jarvee that can cause many issues - I don’t talk about that on my YU videos.

Thanks for your comment friend!
I do have my VIP club where I shred more of my methods and things that it’s not so good to share on Youtube, also with this video, you can make your accounts work but of course there will be always more.
for the FB community - check my preview comment, they know EVERYTHING, my friend. I’m a very small fish, and of course, they are the boss :slight_smile:appricate your thoughts!

+1111 :slight_smile:


good as always :slight_smile: keep it up girl and lets crack down instagram once agian :smiley:


I will watch this today. I started following maybe 4 users a day and only an extra 3/4 per day until it hit 200 and I got hard blocked after the first 3 days lol. I do not know how much slower I could go. Just follows I hadn’t even turned on unfollowing or anything else.

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Great job Adi, your skills are good :grin:

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@Adi_Ankonina , I tried your method of handling the blocks but I still get them ( after 2-3 follows it’s back again )

I have the perfect setup ( as you say )

  • Using scraper accounts
  • 4g proxy from AIR proxy
  • for some I didn’t even started the unfollow tool ( still in the warm-up phase)
  • the most soft setting I have ever used (3-4 follows per day growing to 10 then 20 etc )

I waited for some account 3 days and they are still very sensitive.


Ok that’s good. If you share the real information on a VIP channel. Perfect. Thanks for helping. Amazing Work. And I see you are one of the good one :slight_smile: wish you many success on 2020. Sorry if it sound offensive. I just dont want that a good person lose this game. Not one more :slight_smile:
If you love our Earth and our Environment please send me a PM we are looking for People that are good in Social Media Managment to make strong message for our Planet Earth. Without this earth we can discus what we want in some years all this makes no more sense and we will have bigger problems :frowning:


Hey there Teo :slight_smile:
yes there are some accounts with a very low trust score, for them I will give an extra 48 hours and then relogin and try again do the actions. make sure you also use the FBE and your client doesn’t work on his account at the same time with similier actions(likes/follows/etc).


Only for image but it`s damn dope what we are able to do with thier accs!


Mass story viewing? Only got limitations on normal accounts, verified accounts can still view 500K+ stories per day