Jarvee for your own Social Media management business

Hi all, I wonder if you have an instagram page to promote your sm management business? if so, what’s your methods, who do you scrape for example to expand, msg, what’s the content you upload…etc? thank youH for that fun forum!

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I saw some of them on Instagram, not sure do they use Jarvee for social media marketing, but they definitely have IG profiles.

Not just IG, but also profiles on all other social networks.

It’s a little bit tricky… You need a lot of followers and good engagement on your social media management profile, otherwise, you won’t look so convincing. I mean, if you can’t get followers for yourself, how would you do it for clients? - that’s what they’ll be thinking.

Who do you target? Well, everyone. All kind of businesses.

I think @ATSocialMedia does a good job on all platforms, they could give us a tip or two.

I’ve wrote recently how to get clients for IG management via Youtube, so you might want to check that out too.


Hi @Paaaaaa and thanks for the mention @Adnan

We have run our agency since 2012 and we only really advertise our services on Linkedin and Twitter. Instagram for us and our clients died in June 2019 with all the algo changes. Not somewhere we concentrate on now and have very few insta clients where before June 2019 it was our biggest seller.

For us in 2020 it’s much more about conversations once again, rather than building followers like we once did. It’s going back to basics, talking to people online - Twitter and Linkedin. We have a huge reach on Twitter anyway but Linkedin is where people are seeing us and coming to us for our services. Sharing other peoples content, liking and getting into more conversations is the best way to go right now.