Jarvee is worse with new updates

Do you reckon its an hourly limit or daily?

Ie Can people still follow 100 people a day using a browser with the way that it is now. Or no, because of the locks and captcha in place.

What API calls and error limits you use for master account for when to delay the operation? (When account is ‘Delayed’ in JV)?

Are all these IG DM services being advertised in here using Jarvee/MP?
Don’t want to buy one of these services right now if that’s the case.

Yeah one of our staffers here has never automated and she has gotten 3 x CAPs in the past 10 days on her personal account. She logs in via Chrome and scrolls/views profiles and then boom.

They use a russian software. But the limits have changed and results are less 1/4 of what they used to be

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@birdman99 I had the same on my personal profile never automated on before. I use it to look up accounts and hashtags and other things and I had like 2 captchas and then finally I got the face video app verification thing. I was using a browser.

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Do you think this is a Insta Bug or they mean it?

Pretty weird because IG is allowing more and more from a browser (DMing/posting etc) yet they are throwing blocks/cap extremely quickly. I wouldn’t expect anything else from IG :joy:

No problems with API, running really low settings at about 50 follows per day. I have about 40 slaves running. I am getting PV for some Ive bought but able to save them with virtual numbers.

I did buy a batch of pva accounts from indonesia source but i am using eu proxy. Got my first PV on it and tried to save them like I do previously but went straight to 24hr verification. These accounts are cheap and all warmed up now hitting 20-30 follows, but this 1 account go PV and straight to 24 review so watching closely to see how it works, DMs under 10 a day

Other than that Im pretty normal here luckily. All scrapers ok too. But I do my own username scrape outside of J

Edit: oh yeah, all API no more EB for me, wayyyy to many captchas and PV on EB


50 is way to low to scale. Would need 2-3x as many accounts to do a good setup. Its good yours is working. Mines just on hold for now.

How many days are they running now with those 50FF a day? Good for you!

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bout nearly 2 months now…
I just started again 2 months ago after 6-8 month hiatus and literally read all the big threads from here and tested a bunch of stuff (proxies, settings, calculating costs etc)

but like @heroeslair said its very small. Im just trying to get to 10-20+ followers a day to main account and im happy

this sounds like the account was already in trouble before?

I had an account that literally did no more than 5 follows, always temp block, switched to EB runs 1 follow then temp block. All other actions work except follow. This has been going for nearly 3+ weeks until I decided to rest it for about 4-5 days.

Literally no actions no views no random actions nothing, now its all ok

Bro what about you? Still on hold?

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Yeah basically.

Anyone here now back on track guys? EB? API? Did the wave calmed for you?

Accounts are still disappearing.

How? Like still getting captchas?

That’s right,
Receive P/V even if you click 20 likes
The same is true for accounts created 1-2 months after the account was created.

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I’ve still got my jarvee on hold. Going to take a break from posting on this forum for a few weeks till things start to pick back up. Still will reply to dms of people I know though.