Jarvee is worse with new updates

I have also issues with blocking but sometime when I use other bots is works without blocking… Also on jarvee I found is loading very hard . If you put many accounts the pc is blocking… What vps specs do you recommend?

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Depends how many accounts.

I was running 250 accounts per 64gb, 24 core server.

and is work good enough in your configuration. I have use vps with 8gb ram maybe that is the issue

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Yeah that won’t work well. You definitely need a better one. Dedicated servers are better than vps btw. VPS ram and cpu is shared with other people.

It doesn’t lag much. Sometimes it can be slow.

I understand. So the issue seem to be vps. From where you get that VPS?

Dedicated :+1:
Options are renting a full server or VDS (virtual dedicated server). One more expensive than the other.

I usual buy the cheapest vps possible but something like 64 gb with 24 cores are extremelly expensive. SO I’m looking for best prices at these specifications…

The past few weeks have been frustrating with Capcha on my main account. I paused JV for a week, then started warm-up from very low F/UF/L now I have soft blocks and capcha again.

I’m worried about perm ban, so might stop using JV for a while if I get another Capcha.

New update is coming in a week or so. Most people have been limiting actions waiting for this update on jarvee.


Are you using EB or API?

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Main account is using EB, that’s the account with CAPTCH problems.