Jarvee January 15.01

Video webinar on Jarvee conducted by me yesterday. I’m from Russia and I don’t know much English, so my friend duplicated everything

I hope that it will be useful for you and you will finally be able to work )



Thats one huge video. Thanks for sharing.


Please. I specifically asked a friend to translate it into English to help you


Im russian myself, so it’s not really necessary for me personally :stuck_out_tongue:

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Огонь братан)

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Спасибо, информативно

Thanks for the video but you have so many verifications. That’s so bad. :thinking:

мы понимаем все, что вы говорите, это так круто!

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just like we all understand what you’re saying) 1-1 ))

These are checks on the accounts of customers who have not paid) So I do not verify them until I get paid. Accordingly I do not work with them

My Jarvee Settings


Nice contribution but it was a little difficult to follow because of the language barrier (the translator didn’t help much).

Sorry ( we tried our best together with the translator. is everything clear?

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Please can you show us your settings for follow and unfollow tools?

All the settings are in the video above which I shot

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Interesting video, I’m going to try this on one my burner accounts for a couple weeks and report back.

i really don’t know why we are sharing claimed “working” settings public on youtube … man…


If your settings are working great, you ll earn more money managing IG Accounts than with Youtube, didnt you think about that?

YouTube is not for making money. This is more for the soul, and to help the guys.


appriciate your mindset - but its better to share it here than public on a popular plattform where everybody can find it