Jarvee Likes exchange tool


I just got an email from Jarvee that the access to Like exchange tool is free for now.

What are your thoughts about this? Did you use it before?


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Used the free 3 day trial which honestly isn’t enough for proper testing. You can have different accounts for receiving and giving likes, so the tool faces the same problem as other like exchanges, i.e. a chunk of likes you get are from dummy accounts. I did receive quite a bunch of likes from high tier accounts too though, talking 50-100k followers but nothing crazy like 1mil+ accounts.


Do you think it is worth to pay for let’s say a month after a trial period and see what happens there?

Not sure to be entirely honest. That email you mentioned, does it talk about 3 day free trial or a longer period?

That’s what I have got:

We’ve decided to give everyone access for free to the Like
Exchange (LE) tool . Starting today you’ll be able to give
and receive likes automatically on your posts if you wish to.

Here are the new LE plans

  1. If you’re on the starter Jarvee plan you have access
    to the LE system with a limit of 150 likes/post and up
    to 5 posts in a session

  2. If you’re on the Professional and Premium Jarvee plans
    you have access to the LE system with a limit of 300
    likes/post and up to 10 posts in a session

  3. If you need even more likes there’s the $29.99/month
    Premium LE plan where you have no limits on the likes and
    posts you can use.

Say goodbye to doing manual like exchanges or participating
in engagement groups where people “forget” to like back.

The LE tool works based on points. You set some accounts to
give likes and set the same or other accounts to receive
likes. You get points for liking posts that you can use to
ask for likes on your own posts.

You will be able to limit the number of likes your accounts
make. Also, you can just add the accounts you want to
boost, and all the new posts will automatically receive likes.

Please understand that in order to protect our members and
their accounts you are not allowed to use the Like Exchange
Tool with any adult, gambling, cpa or any other bad
links/posts. We monitor this closely and anyone caught doing
it will be banned forever from using it.

This is an extremely powerful tool and if used correctly
can single-handedly boost your account’s growth hugely.
Give it a try today and see how it works for you!

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Thanks for sharing. So it seems like there is no time limit anymore which is good. 150 likes/post is reasonable as you can also toggle an option which makes people save your post as well.

My worries are about two things:

  • What’s the percentage of crappy likes, i.e. people using their dummy accounts with 20 followers for giving likes
  • There is no niche filter, so the power of these likes is questionable. Yes, getting 150 likes will help the post’s social proof and is likely to help it reach the Top 9 in hashtags. However, it is unlikely to help you hit explore if you have a dog account and you get 50 likes from car accounts.

If you already have a Jarvee subscription I would just give it a go to see how it works, it’s not like you are losing anything.

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I will give it a go and see what happens.

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If you are spamming with accounts, the fake likes give posts social proof.

If you have a client or a post that’s underperforming, you can supplement their likes with these.

I’ve gotten likes from verified profiles, crappy likes, likes from 50k follower accounts etc. basically they look real. Instagram has bots and real people and they all blend. You can’t help who’s going to like your photo.

The LE can be very useful if used properly. I never go above 10-20% of likes from it unless it’s just for proof and I don’t care about the account. None of my clients report issues with reach etc.

Just don’t rely on it to make you famous and you’ll be fine! Just remember to have high quality accounts and not “hot girls” niche accounts, spammy looking accounts etc.

Don’t use client accounts to give the likes either. Create some good looking accounts and use those to give. Don’t pollute the ecosystem with spam likes and accounts.


Also bonus tip, when you do this, turn Save after like on to give everybody a boost :sunglasses:


Anyone with proven results from the “Save post” action? Does it really work better than comments as some claim?


It’s about overall reaction. The more interaction with posts the better.

There’s also a way to unsave after a while so that the LE accounts don’t have 2 million posts saved.

Quality is key here.


Do you mean there is a way to unsave posts previously saved by an account giving likes in the LE tool? How does one do that? Thanks.


I’ll find the exact method and let you know in a few minutes. It’s pretty simple actually.


That’s great, thank you. I’m assuming it’s some way to unsave in bulk and not just unsaving by tapping on every post directly on instagram :smiley:

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I would suggest trying to contribute so that you can hit level 2 or 3, there’s a TON of stuff there thats really beneficial.

Instructions to unsave posts saved by the LE tool.

You can use the Repost tool set it to repost saved posts and check the unsave post option. After that on the settings tab set it to send the posts to a campaign instead of reposting and then start the repost tool (this will act like an Unsave posts tool)


Thank you both for contributing! I found myself addicted to this forum lately and can’t wait myself to get to level 2 so there is even more to read!

When using LE, do you still have a standard Like tab section active or just use a dummy account to exchange likes?


The LE is it’s own thing. I would NOT recommend using like after follow, the like tool AND the LE at the same time.

Create high quality accounts for the LE. Give them normal people bios. Decent profile pics, create a campaign that posts 1-2 posts a week or so. Make them look real.

I have one that I was using for the LE and just kind of forgot about it. It has 33k followers now and it started with less than a hundred. I had no idea. The content is only OK. :man_shrugging:


Working my way up to Level 2, it might take me another month or so.

Thanks for the tips re/ unsaving, I’ll try that after I use the LE again.


I know this is a bit old but is there a way to adjust the settings in the LE tool to be active during certain hours so I can turn off my other Like settings when the LE took is running?

Not really no. You can set a max per day which would start at midnight, local time. So if you want to only do 300 likes, set the sessions etc to 300 and then with some calculations, you can figure out when it will stop and then your tool works. It will not be an exact science. It’s best to just have dummy accounts.